The Mexicali Mission is:

To ethically bring the wares of the world to our stores, empower the communities and cultures that create them, and share meaningful experiences with our customers.

A photo taken through a bubble of four beautiful hippie women with long hair dancing in front of a colorful backdrop of silk and prayer flags in colorful hippie outfits from Thailand and waving fans in the air

A love of music, a passion for travel and a mindful devotion to fun since 1988.

What started with a breezy road trip and one tiny storefront in Portland, Maine, has since grown into an ever expanding small business with five shops, an online retail and social hub, and our very own brand of unique internationally inspired clothing, jewelry, boho home decor and gifts. We believe in responsibly importing eclectic goods that you won’t find anyplace else. And yeah, we’re still super devoted to fun.

Mexicali Blues owners Pete and Kim with their three hippie children and all of their hippie kids clothes on a drying rack in front of a bungalow in Thailand

Owners Pete and Kim Erskine and their three children Chauncey, Carly, & Caleb

are Mexicali Blues' original seekers, surfing street markets and bazaars from Bangkok to Bali in search of diverse and wearable treasures. Our buying model has its roots in Mexicali’s very first inventory, a trove of funky, handmade clothes and accessories that Pete picked up during a post-college ramble through Mexico and Guatemala.

Sunshine Daydreams & Shakedown Street

Back then, we supplemented our imported wares with a lot of Grateful Dead merchandise—we even took our name from one of our favorite songs. Today, you’ll still find plenty of official Grateful Dead gear and hippie-fied goods around the store, but Mexicali Blues has come a long way since that first little shop, crowded with concert tees and road-trip loot. (For starters, we don’t close up anymore just because, hey, it’s nice out.) 

Friends, Families, Communities, & Culture

We’ve spent thirty five years expanding our global aesthetic, filling our shelves with everything from colorful hand dyed batiks and tie-dyes to alluring gemstone jewelry, bohemian skirts and tops, and Eastern-inspired décor. Our apparel and accessories are handpicked and imported without any middlemen from around the world. We’re committed to creating and maintaining long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with the artisans and families who create our products. Pete and Kim have known many of our vendors for a decade or more, and a highlight of their travels is the chance to visit workshops, catch up with old friends, and meet new ones.

A hippie store with a whole lot more

We believe in connecting culture and community. Our travels and our website take us all over the world, but our stores and our hearts are back home in Maine. We think globally and commune locally. From our flagship store in Newcastle to our new location in Portland’s Old Port to our heart-of-town locations in Freeport, Raymond, and Bangor, you won’t find Mexicali Blues at the mall. We love where we live, and we’re proud to sponsor local concerts and events for environmental and educational causes.

The Mexicali Story

From Mexicali's humble hippie beginnings up to now...

Peter Erskine and Eric Lipkin in a analog film photo of the opening day of Mexicali Blues

Wanderlust, Brothers, & Doobie the Dog

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The First Trip, Guatemala & Mexico

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Mexicali Blues owners Pete and Kim with their three hippie children and all of their hippie kids clothes on a drying rack in front of a bungalow in Thailand

A Birthday, A Backpack, A Recipe for Love

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An original Mexicali Blues storefront with a Grateful Dead stealie tee in the window

Grateful Deadication & Shakedown Street

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A black and white photo of family of four all on one motorbike in Thailand, a blonde infant in a baby carrier, a beautiful mother holding onto her husband and a blonde child in the front, all wearing sandals with long hair

Shakedown Street to Bangkok

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Oh The Places We've Been

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1% of Every Purchase

Learn more about how we give back with every purchase to organizations around the world that do a world of good.