Donation Request Page


As a global imports business, we aim to evenly support each country we import from and manufacture in, as well as our home base, Maine, USA.

We are a company that supports the communities and nations where we conduct business - where our partners live, work, and play - and we always will be. 

Like our founders, Pete and Kim Erskine, our charitable giving is generous, deeply rooted in Maine, and travels worldwide. We fund the causes we care about and carefully choose the organizations we support.

Our goal, as a business, is to create sustainable situations and donations that will surpass the dollars spent. We typically fund organizations that support children, education, community, and the environment. We prioritize partnerships that bring about real, positive change, and work to address issues at their root. Are these dollars educating, building infrastructure, or bettering the lives of future generations?

With this focus, we hope our contributions provide resources needed to sustain long-term success in each community where we do business.

Our evaluation criteria include:

  • The strength of local support for the project.
  • The stability of the applicant organization.
  • The ability of the project to address a substantial community need.
  • The specific connection we have to the organization's community and project.

Types of donations include:

  • Monetary
  • Product
  • Time - Help us enable our employees to serve as volunteers!

We do not donate to:

  • Political Candidates
  • For-profit businesses
  • Organizations that discriminate against any racial, ethnic, sexual orientation or cultural group
  • Religious groups

One Month Advance Request: 

For timely requests, please submit your request at least one month before the donation date.

Expect an automated reply to confirm we have received your request. Please allow up to two weeks for a decision.

We sincerely wish we could donate to every organization that submits a request.
Please know that we read all of your submissions and appreciate you thinking of us!

Learn more about our giving philosophy!