A group of villagers in Chheskam, Nepal high in the Himalayas holding a school opening ceremony and celebrating Mexicali Blues for their project sponsorship

S.M.I.L.E - S (Spreading Good Vibes Globally) 🌎🌍🌏

Oct 11, 2021

“We only buy from, work with, and sell to people who smile.” - Mexicali Owner Pete Erskine

Mexicali Blues treats smiles as a form of invaluable international currency, one that breaks down borders, translates languages, and transforms experiences from ear to ear. Smiles have been an important part of the Mexicali ethos since its inception in 1987, and Mexicali owners Pete and Kim have spent the better part of 30 years sharing smiles on their adventures across the globe with the help and support of the whole Mexicali family. 

Here in Maine we have been spreading those smiles in our five retail locations with the help of amazing employees, and our beloved customers. We also spread smiles with our trusted steeds Box of Rain and Sunshine Daydream, two tie dyed delivery vans that run off SPG (Smiles Per gallon). Our online presence has helped our smile grow even wider, and we hope that wherever you may be reading this, it is putting a smile on your face. The beauty of a smile is not only that it speaks Thai, Nepalese, Hindi, Indonesian, and Spanish, but that it transforms a business relationship into a friendship. Thanks to all of you, near and far, customers and employees, business partners and friends, for continuing to share your smiles with us 😃

As a company, we have decided that not only is a smile the best way of doing business but SMILE is also a perfect acronym to better understand how Mexicali Blues functions. Let's kick it off with the Start of the smile and we will work our way from ear to ear. 

S - Spreading Good Vibes Globally

Both a mission statement and a goal, we strive to spread our good vibes everywhere we go. What are good vibes, you may ask? Good vibes are a form of positive energetic vibration that is shared with those in the world around you, vibes are a force as powerful as the wind, that cannot be seen but can be felt.

Good vibes means giving back.

Whether you are sharing your smile with someone who needs it, volunteering at a local organization, or donating to a charity, you are giving back to the world. Mexicali focuses on giving back both globally and locally as our business is deeply rooted both here in Maine, and in all of the other countries and cultures where we do business. We offer paid Volunteer Time for all of our employees so they can spread these good vibes to organizations they care about. 

Good vibes means good people. 

From the Guatemalan Housing Alliance to the Friends of Thai Daughters, and all the way from Lala’s laugh in India to Fernando’s laugh in Maine, we only do work with good people that pay fair wages, maintain healthy and happy work conditions for their employees, and are active members of their communities. In turn, we pay our employees living wages and create a fun and fruitful working environment so that they can continue to spread good vibes in their local communities.

Good vibes means good energy. 

Energy comes in many forms, from the sun’s sustainable solar rays that power our stores and warehouse to the positive energy that Ellie our shipment superhero gives each package that she sends across the country. We believe in the importance of putting good energy into our products from their creation at the hands of an artisan, to the in-store or online shopping experience, all the way through until they arrive at your home.

Good vibes means groovy goods that make you feel good.

We import handmade funky fashion, groovy giftware, and hippie home decor from all over the world that make you look good, and feel good too. Moreover, knowing that they are responsibly sourced and produced by good people, you can feel even better! We like to think that you as customers spread these good vibrations through wearing your favorite tie dye clothing to town, your favorite colorful patchwork overalls to a party, or bringing your block print tapestry to a picnic at the beach. Everytime someone asks you, “Where did you get that?” Your answer is spreading good vibes. Thanks for doing what you do, you rock ❤️

How do you spread good vibes? Tell us by tagging #mymexicali ✌️❤️🌼

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