A bird being handpainted using the batik process with a wax comb and natural dyes at the hands of one of the Mexicali makers in Indonesia

S.M.I.L.E. - M (Made, Not Manufactured) 🤲🧶🧵

Oct 27, 2021

“We only buy from, work with, and sell to people who smile.” - Mexicali Owner Pete Erskine

M - Made not Manufactured

The “M” helps answer all of the important questions: the “who”, “what”, “where”, “why”, and “how”s, that help you become connected to the process and feel good about your purchase.

Made not manufactured means that you can meet the maker.

“Made” means that there are many smiling faces and even more talented hands behind every product. The minds that design, the hands that create, their families, and the communities that they support, all play an incredibly important role in the process. Who makes your clothing? Who sewed your curtains? We care about the people who make our awesome products, and you should too. Check out our blog to Meet the Makers and learn more.

Made means products that people are proud of.

Whether it’s our recycled Indian sari silk curtains, our upcycled Balinese batik patchwork overalls, or our graphic tee shirts printed here in Maine, the people who make our products are proud of their work, and it shows. We have personal relationships with all of these smiling faces, these talented hands, and these creative minds, and we’re proud of their work also.

Made means products and processes that are one of a kind. 

Many of our products are made by hand, be they dyed, sewn, painted, carved, blown, or stamped, these products are all entirely unique, and in our eyes, this makes them extra special. Be it Pae’s team dying tie dye in Thailand, Nyoman’s artists hand-painting batik designs in Indonesia, or Anil, Diksha, Nikhil, & Gopal’s family empowering a community to grow, sew, clean, dry, design, carve, stamp, and create incredible cotton hand block printed tapestries in India, the result is a product that is as unique as you are.

Made means love, a whole lot of love.

We love everything about the process and the products that we carry. We love the people who make them and the people who sell them, we love what they represent and support, we love the wonderful places where they are made and the beautiful state of Maine where they end up, why, you may ask? Because we care. How can you not? 

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