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S.M.I.L.E. - L (Lincoln County, Maine Based) 🌲🦞⛵️

Nov 10, 2021

“We only buy from, work with, and sell to people who smile.” - Mexicali Owner Pete Erskine

L - Lincoln County Maine Based

The "L" is a little local love story called Lincoln County, Maine. Mexicali Blues loves all communities around the world, but the Mexicali magic started in Maine in 1988 and now we have stores all over the state in Portland, Freeport, Raymond, Bangor, not to mention the beautiful town of Newcastle in Lincoln County where our headquarters, heart, soul, and flagship location reside. Maine wears many hats as the pine tree state, the land of the lobster, home to the great mountain Katahdin, often referred to as vacationland, and the state speaks all of these languages fluently, but it finds it wicked hahhd to pronounce its "r"s. 

Local love means local inspiration. 

We donate to local food banks, support schools, invest in educational & environmental initiatives, stage community cleanups, and support music and art by sponsoring festivals, concerts, and community organizations here in Maine. These events inspire us to keep giving, to keep dancing, to keep singing, to keep celebrating the community that we share. Local love can sometimes take the global stage and all of the international organizations that we regularly donate to have strong ties to Maine, whether it be Friends of Thai Daughters in northern Thailand, the dZi Foundation in Nepal, or the Guatemalan Housing Alliance, the philanthropic thread of Maine is sewn through all of their development work. 

Local love means local support.

We support local businesses and shop local which means everything from staff meals at a local restaurant to supplies from the local hardware store. We source a number of our products locally, many of our tie dye t-shirts, Mexicali sweatshirts, and Steal Your State Grateful Dead apparel have been printed in Brunswick, Maine with our friends at Artforms for over two decades. Most recently our new sandblasted Steal Your State Pint Glasses that are made in South Bristol, the little town where our owners Kim and Pete live and raised their family.

Local love means whatever floats your boat. 

Lincoln County is historically famous for its shipbuilding, and boats built here have sailed all over the world. Now, Mexicali Blues is bringing Maine to the world on its travels, and bringing little slices of the world back to Maine, by shipping culture in the form of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. The importance of the state of Maine to our company culture is reflected in our merchandise. From our hand-knit Peruvian Alpaca Lobster Sweaters to our State of Maine Pendants, we love to celebrate our great state with our groovy goods. 

Local love means smiles.

We do business with a smile because we live in a place that smiles, a place where strangers wave and greet each other on the street and we want to share those good vibes with the rest of the world. We are grateful to be here, we are proud to say that we are from here, and we thank you for sharing our love of Maine with the rest of the world 😁

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