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      Our Stories | Mexicali Blues Blog



      Today brings us a New Moon in Aquarius and the start of a new cycle, which comes with its fair share of challenges. With Aquarius square in Uranus be ready for some unexpected changes and uncertainty. Fixed star Dabih exacerbates this unpredictable aspect by bringing us some anxiety and mental instability. This new moon calls for caution, flexibility, restraint, and common sense. 

      But with a focused mind you can react quickly and decisively to changing conditions to find positivity in this challenging time! Be proactive about positive change and work out why you may be feeling restless or what could be causing some feelings of impending drama and chaos. With open-mindedness and flexibility, this new moon is a great time to break bad habits and open your life to many more possibilities and opportunities. 

      Trust your instincts and react quickly, and you will have no trouble navigating this new moon and cycle!



      It’s a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer today! With the sun conjunct Mercury, this eclipse brings our attention to communication, although that communication is anything but clear. We’re feeling emotional and having difficulty making sense of what we hear. It’s also a big time of false communication being put forth by unreliable sources, so CHECK YOUR FACTS before you believe what you’re told. We are easily mislead by words that activate our emotional biases, and the eclipse opposite Pluto makes us extra vulnerable to being manipulated and controlled. We need to be careful to not get carried away and overly convinced by anything external right now. If something is true today, it will still be true in a week when we can process it with more reasoned understanding.
      While communication from and with others can be confusing, there is deep clarity to be found when we look within. Where have we been ignoring the truth of our hearts in order to satisfy the needs of others? We are each being called to connect with our intuition and move towards our purpose on this planet. How do we connect with this when we’re feeling oh-so-emotional? Lean into somatic practices that can help you come back into your body and move through whatever is coming up. Maybe that’s yoga, EFT tapping, dance, rolling around on the floor, or taking a hot bath. Allow any feelings that arise to be with you, without judgement. Whatever you’re experiencing now is ok, and no emotion is permanent. It is important to not repress or deny your feelings, and you are invited to look at them with curiosity rather than being swept away. See what you can learn, and write down any insights you think you may want to take with you into the future. <3


      Meet the Mexicali maker: Rabi, Nepal

      Riya (Rabi's daughter), Rabi, Pete, and Carly (Pete's daughter). As a family-run business ourselves, we love working with other families!

       We met Mexicali maker Rabi over 20 years ago in Nepal, through a mutual friend who knew we would get along famously. Our friend was right, as Rabi is an awesome person to work with and (like us) loves to have FUN! Outside of our long working relationship, we've enjoyed many day trips and adventures with Rabi, attending parties and being welcomed to community events, celebrating Buddha's birthday, and gathering at his house to try his mom's famous raksi moonshine! 

      While we would be happy just to call Rabi our friend, he is also someone we are incredibly proud to work with, as the quality of his creations is top-notch and he is very committed to creating a positive work environment for his employees. The fleece-lined wool accessories we get from Rabi are crafted in knitting circles rather than in a factory environment, which allows the artisans to spend more time with their children and complete their craft in a laid-back family-friendly environment. Rabi is known for treating his employees so well that they usually stay working with him for many years. The area where he lives is well-known for wool crafts, and there are many businesses talented knitters could work for, so that's saying something!

      We look forward to many more years of working and adventures with Rabi, and continuing to share the fleece-lined wool awesomeness he and his artisan crew create with you! 

      >>>>Shop Rabi's Creations HERE<<<<



      Today brings a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, calling us to build new beginnings and create practical goals. Capricorn energy is clear and focused, and invites us to make realistic plans for what we want to manifest in the coming year. The sun and moon are conjunct Jupiter––the planet of abundance and luck––bringing opportunities, optimism, and good fortune your way.
      To follow those Jupiterian good vibes and get aligned on your right path, think about what makes you feel optimistic and free AND ALSO where these things overlap with your natural skills. Saturn-ruled Capricorn shows us our limitations, which sounds like a total drag, but recognizing and accepting our limits can actually free us. When we’re dreaming not of some Pinterest-perfect version of our lives, but fully focused on the unique things that light us up, we can be real about who we are, where we are, and where we want to go.
      If we’ve been holding on to something that isn’t totally right for us, it is likely to end now in order for something better to begin. This is an ideal time to make a fresh start and to question old habits, as we lay down an intentional foundation for growth and progress. Personal evolution is coming, whether you’re ready or not, so look forward with anticipation and be clear about what you want. <3


      Lapis Lazuli jewelry at Mexicali Blues

      Lapis lazuli is considered to be the stone of universal truth and friendship. It is reputed to bring harmony to relationships and help the wearer express the self in an authentic manner. Lapis is also considered a strengthening stone, bringing mental clarity and emotional healing.

      In ancient Egypt, Lapis was the exclusive power stone of Queen Cleopatra. Believing it had magical properties, she had entire walls of her palace inlaid with it, and even had it ground into powder for her eyeliner. Still often referred to as the “Queen’s stone”, lapis brings luck, fortune, and a regal air to the bearer.

      Lapis opens the door to self acceptance, which leads to serenity. It reveals inner truth, promoting self-awareness and the acceptance of that knowledge. It provides for the relief of things that may have been suppressed and allows for them to surface, helping to diminish dis-ease or repressed anger, and allows for self-expression without holding back or compromising.

      Lapis promotes and protects interpersonal harmony in relationships, and helps to keep the head and heart in balance. Known as a protector of interpersonal relationships, this stone can help to heal broken or injured bonds. It can support being more comfortable and honest with your feelings, and enhance loving communication. It facilitates self-knowledge and self-expression, as well as inner piece. Ancient folklore says that if you give lapis lazuli as a gift, you are forging an eternal bond of friendship, loyalty, and trust between the two of you.

      The beautiful blues in paintings from the Renaissance are thanks to the blue of lapis lazuli. The opaque blue gem material was the secret ingredient in ultramarine, the valuable pigment that all the old masters used to capture the rich blues of the sea and sky and the robes of the Virgin Mary. The color wasn’t duplicated by any other substance until 1834 but even now, some argue there is no substitute: unlike other pigments, centuries-old ultramarine still glows with rich color today.

      Visit our website for a plethora of pretty gemstone jewelry, or visit any of our stores in Maine to see the potent and powerful beauty of this stunning gem, available on our website or in stores in unique (often one-of-a-kind) shapes and settings. The gorgeous lapis pieces in this picture can be found today in our Newcastle store.


      Lapis pendants and rings