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      Our Stories | Mexicali Blues Blog

      Mexicali Blues Style: SCARVES!

      Mexicali Blues Style: SCARVES!


      Over the years we have found many different styles of scarves that we have brought into our eclectic collection! Stunning and affordable fashion scarves that are versatile and can be used for much more than a simple neck scarf. Many can be tied around the waist as a bohemian belt, or they can be tied in such a way to become a head scarf or unique hippie headband. We’ve found a few styles that we like to throw on any time! Find a video tutorial here and peek at these sweet styles below.


      Boho Best Dressed Vest

      We love this unique turn on how to wear a scarf! It’s the perfect look for when you want to show off that gorgeous pattern, but maybe the traditional neck scarf feels bulky or just isn’t good for your routine that day. See our video tutorial here!

      Step 1: Fold the scarf in half, tying the top corner of each side together (if your scarf has fringe, use that; if it doesn't, just tie the corners a couple of times so you can be sure they'll stay.)
      Step 2: Fold scarf in half again, keeping the knot you just tied on top.
      Step 3: Tie the top corner of each side together again (your first knot will be inside or next to this new one)
      Step 4: Pull the sides of the scarf apart, so the knot you have created is in the middle.
      Step 5: You will see that you have created two armholes; put your arms through and go rock this vest, impressing everyone with your style and ingenuity!


       The Boho Bandita

      It’s a simple process to look this good! We love this one for when it’s extra chilly and you need a bit more coverage! Watch the video tutorial here!

      Step 1: Place unfolded scarf behind neck, and pull so one end is longer than the other.
      Step 2: Wrap the longer end once around  your neck once or twice and bring to the front.
      Step 3: Grasp one side of the loose end and tuck into the wrapped portions.
      Step 4: Fluff it up and step out in style!


      The Knot Fade Away

      This classic scarf style has a little more to it than meets the eye. Do you always do the classic wraparound look but halfway through the day you have to readjust? Then this look is for you because it won't unravel on you! Watch the video tutorial here!

      Step 1: Place unfolded scarf behind neck, and bring the loose ends in front of you.
      Step 2: Cross ends loosely over your collarbone and toss the ends back over the opposite shoulders.
      Step 3: Cross the ends over the same way behind your neck, and bring the ends back over your shoulders to the front.
      Step 4: Making sure the ends are close to the same length, pull out one of your newly formed loops, circling the loose end up through it and back out.
      Step 5: Repeat on the other side.


      The Loop-de-Loop

      This is similar to our last styling effort but it has a slightly different take! If you’re a fan of the infinity scarf then this one's for you! Watch the video tutorial here!

      Step 1: Place unfolded scarf behind neck, and bring the loose ends in front of you
      Step 2: Tie the ends in a simple knot (we chose a double-knot, to be sure it would stay!), creating a loose loop
      Step 3: Divide the large loop into two smaller ones by twisting the middle as you bring it back over your head.
      Step 4: Fluff it up and step out in style!


      The Party Pretzel!

      The fun of the party with all its twists and turns! Watch the video tutorial here!

      Step 1: Fold scarf in half.
      Step 2: Wrap halved scarf around neck so there is a loop on one end.
      Step 3: Bring loose ends through the loop
      Step 4: Bring your hand up through the new smaller loop that has been created, allowing it to wrap around your hand/wrist
      Step 5: Twist your hand with the scarf wrapped around it, creating a new twisted loop
      Step 5: Pull the loose end through that loop, and repeat, twisting as you go until your knot chain is the desired length!


      The Rambling Rose

      For some bohemian flower child vibes you can dress up any look with this gorgeous bloom! Watch the video tutorial here and for a unique headband idea watch this tutorial!

      Step 1: Place unfolded scarf behind neck, and bring the loose ends in front of you.
      Step 2: Bring ends off to the side where you want your bloom to be, and begin twisting the them together from the top down.  
      Step 3: Once you have twisted down to the bottom of the scarf ends, begin twisting the new hanging end into a rose-shaped coil, arranging it with your hand as you go.
      Step 4: Tuck the tail behind and down the loop that is around your neck.


      We hope these tutorials provide you with some stellar ideas for your next scarf adventure. Check out our vintage videos on our youtube channel for some more fashion hacks! Shop our full collection of accessories and don’t miss the new arrivals that come online every week.




      As we come to a close on this moon cycle and enter into the next, the New Moon in Scorpio marks a perfect time to begin something new. Whether it’s bringing a fresh burst of optimism to your outlook on current events, or something as simple as clearing away the clutter to make room for new projects, any small changes you can make to prepare will be beneficial to you and those you surround yourself with. 

      The Moon’s relationship to Pluto is driving us forward with increased momentum to achieve our goals, and as we said in our last horoscope update, this is being felt across the signs. Make room to spread out and grow into who you are meant to become. Be wary not to burn those who want to genuinely support you and make an extra effort to keep communication open with the ones you love. A sense of community is crucial to stay healthy through this period.

      In other celestial news, the Leonid meteor shower is peaking this weekend through Nov. 17th! If you can get outside to observe them, we recommend finding dark skies before dawn (when the constellation Leo is highest in the sky) for the best viewing opportunities. This particular meteor shower is visible most years, but intensifies when the Comet Tempel-Tuttle is close to Earth. According to historians, this causes a meteor “storm” rather than a “shower” due to the denser conglomerate of meteors surrounding the true comet. 

      In 1966 observers said they “almost needed to grip the ground,” because the sensation of Earth’s movement through space during the Leonid storm was so strong. Imagine! If it’s anything like the illustration we discovered below, we can see what they mean. The last perihelion (the closest point to the sun) was in 1998, so we will have to wait until 2031 until Tempel-Tuttle comes around again, but we’re happy to wait!


       Leonid meteor storm, as seen over North America on the night of November 12-13, 1833. This woodcut was published in 1888 by E. Weib in his Bilderatlas der Sternenwelt (Illustrated Atlas of the Stars). Image via Wikimedia Commons.


      Cozy up with a falsa blanket to enjoy the show!

      Shop lunar calendars to keep track at home!

      Wool to keep you warm this season!

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: Sagittarius Season Horoscopes

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: Sagittarius Season Horoscopes


      We feel like a broken record but we want to say it again. As we enter into Sagittarius on November 20th it’s all about self care! Splurge on what makes you happy! Embrace all the small moments you have to yourself, doing the things you love most.  Check in with the people you love and catch up. This can make a world of difference and it's something that we at Mexicali Blues are striving to do as a company and as a family.


      By the end of the month there will only be one planet in retrograde–Uranus, which will bring a close to the turbulent cosmos we’ve been experiencing since September when SIX retrogrades were in occurrence at once. Yowza. So get ready for things to be in full motion! Here’s a relaxing Yoga Flow to help ease you into the change. 


      Aries (March 21-April 19)

      If you’re feeling more awake this month then take a deep breath and relax into this new found clarity. Your ruling planet, Mars, has been in retrograde since September so it might be nice to feel like you’re getting a bit of control back now that your obstacles have been cleared. Give a friendly wave to Ganesha since he may have taken care of some of them for you.

      Taurus (April 20-May 20)

      Venus is thrown into your love sector on November 21st which will be a welcome addition to your possibly budding relationship. Stay on your toes because even the one you’ve known for so many years might spark something new in your romantic side. Don’t miss our essential oil in lavender and rose oil to help you on this path. 

      Gemini (May 21-June 20)

      Sweet, outgoing, and sometimes frantic Gemini. You will find that drive to push forward into the projects you’re most passionate about in this new season. Mark the 30th on your calendar for the Lunar Eclipse is telling you to let go of something. Listen to your intuition and make it happen.

      Cancer (June 21-July 22)

      Keep an eye out for a workplace opportunity because all signs are pointing toward recognition for the seriously hard work you’ve been putting in this year. Don’t hesitate to be direct with your colleagues (while always being kind) about your needs. Remember you’re a crucial part of the team!


      Leo (July 23-August 22)

      If things haven’t started moving forward yet, just have a little more patience. This time that you’ve been waiting has been essential for you to brew on what the right plan of action to take is. Rest easy knowing that the 21st should bring happiness and stability to your family life.

      Virgo (August-September 22)

      Whatever bad news you’ve recently received, take comfort in the fact that it will ultimately bring on a great rise of self improvement and genuine happiness. Ditch all those that make you feel less than worthy of everything you deserve.

      Libra (September 23-October 22)

      You’ve probably noticed the effects of Mars turning direct on the thirteenth because a true sense of connection with someone important is finally gaining some traction! Whether it’s someone new or a long time issue with someone close that’s being resolved, now is the time to get to the root of it and dive in.

      Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

      The New Moon on the 15th marked a page turning event for your story! This season is all about you living your absolute best life. If you missed the details, look closely and see what went unnoticed. We’ll be here when you figure it out.

      Sagittarius (November 22-December21)

      We know this feeling of not feeling loved or appreciated and we also know how transformative it can feel to have that reversed–which is exactly what has happened now that Mars has turned direct again. In your true love sector of all places! Maybe it's a new found love for yourself that is in the spotlight?

      Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

      Remember that the ones you love are worth fighting for and no matter what might be going on between everyone, you’re all in it together. If you burn bridges on all sides you only become more isolated so pause before saying something that might be misinterpreted.

      Aquarius (January 20-February16)

      Make sure you take credit where credit is due! You’re an integral part of this world and those who rely on you should not take you for granted. You worked hard to get where you are and that should be known by everyone. If they can’t see it then that’s on them. They’ll know the truth in the end.

      Pisces (February 19-March 20)

      We know finances have been tight and this has been a long strange trip. Those setbacks you’ve faced this year will soon be matched with a powerful retribution. Get ready for the change that is coming and be prepared to keep working hard to achieve what you deserve.

      Find the perfect gift for the Sagittarius in your life in our Astrological Gift Guides!

      Easy Yoga Flow to Relieve Holiday Stress

      Easy Yoga Flow to Relieve Holiday Stress

      Anxiety has been high the past few months (okay maybe longer than that) and this month has been no different. That’s why we wanted to do something special to get you into a more peaceful state of mind. 

      Did you know that stress and trauma are more than just a feeling? Rather, they stow-away in the body and can have lasting negative effects on your life and your mental well-being. We’re glad that the discussion around anxiety and mental health has begun to shift to a more open and inclusive conversation, especially with the ongoing pandemic and our collective need to feel connected and taken care of. 

      That being said, we also understand that it can be difficult to set aside time for yourself, especially if you’re concentrating on taking care of others. It’s important to take time for yourself to relax in healthy ways so you can continue to provide for those that count on you. That’s why we put together this easy flow of yoga movements that can be done in under fifteen minutes. 

      We find it’s best to take this time for yourself in the morning to start a positive intention for your day. Even if you don’t make it through all these poses before your morning coffee, we encourage you to grab your yoga mat or a recycled falsa blanket and start with an easy breathing exercise. 


      Movement One: Alternate Nostril Breathing or Nadi Sodhana

      Length: Two Minutes (repeat 10 times)

      Try to keep your mind focused on your breath. If you find yourself wandering off into the tasks that lay ahead of you for the day, center yourself back and breathe deep.

      - Sit in a comfortable position and try to imagine the shape of your breath while you engage in this exercise.

      - Close your right nostril with your right thumb and breathe in through your left nostril for 4 counts.

      - Keep your right nostril closed and also close your left nostril while you hold your breath for 8 counts.

      - Breathe in through your right nostril for 4 counts.

      - Close both nostrils again and hold for 8 counts.

      - Breathe out through your left nostril.

      - Repeat the cycle until you feel ready to move on to the next movement



      Movement Two: Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar

      Length: Three Minutes (repeat 3 times or more)

      Sun Salutation is how most yoga practices begin. It’s best to start with these movements at the beginning of your practice to awaken your muscles and focus on your body.

      - Start standing and take a breath in and release, bringing your hands to your heart.

      - Breathe in, lifting your arms up and back, and gently press your hips forward.

      - Breathe out, bending forward and placing your hands by your feet.

      - Breathe in, take a halfway lift, bring your hands to shins or thighs and be sure your spine is flat and parallel to the floor.

      - Breathe out and fold back down to the floor, placing your hands palm down and step back into plank pose, breathing in.

      - Breathe out while lowering your knees, chest, and finally your forehead to the floor.

      - Breathe in, rising up into Cobra, pressing your palms and legs to the earth, opening your chest to the horizon. Be careful not to strain your neck as you make this movement.

      - Breathe out, tucking your toes underneath you and pushing against your palms, raising your hips up and back into Downward Facing Dog.

      - Breathe in, step your right foot up between your hands or as far as your flexibility will allow. (Remember that yoga is not about straining to reach, but about how to concentrate on your breath through these exercises.)

      - Breathe out and join your left foot to meet your right.

      - Breathe in and rise to stand while lifting your hands to the sky.

      - Breathe out, bring your palms together at your heart and repeat the movement.

      - After three rounds take a short break (Savasana), collect and calm your breath.


      Movement Three: Shoulderstand or Sarvangasana

      Length: One Minute

      This pose is beneficial for core strengthening, as well as balancing the thyroid gland which holds power over your metabolism and growth of the entire body. It can help calm your mind and relieve stress when practiced correctly. Here’s how to enter into it safely:

      - Lie on your back with your feet together and arms at your side.

      - To protect your neck, place a folded blanket beneath your shoulders (your neck should remain free).

      - Carefully lift your legs skyward and place your hands on your hips.

      - Concentrate on your breath and slowly walk your hands up the back toward your shoulder blades.

      - The goal is to bring your chest to your chin while keeping your head relaxed on the floor.

      - Release from this pose slowly and with care.

      - Place your hands on the floor for support while bending your knees and slowly rolling your spine back down to the earth, one vertebra at a time.


      Movement Four: Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana

      Length: Thirty Seconds

      The seated forward bend is perfect to help digestion and fend off headaches. It is a powerful pose that can gently massage your internal organs and is particularly beneficial for the liver and spleen.

      - Sit comfortably on the floor with your legs straight in front of you.

      - Breathe in while lifting your arms overhead and make your spine long and tall (imagine a thread lifting the crown of your head).

      - Breathe out while bending forward bringing your nose down to your knee and reaching your arms to cup your heels.

      - If you can’t bend the whole way, just reach as far as you can without straining too hard. It’s ok to reach for your ankles or only bend halfway.

      - Do your best to keep your legs straight without letting them bend up to meet your nose.

      - Continue your breath and use it to lean deeper into the pose without forcing yourself.



      Movement Five: Bow Pose or Dhanurasana

      Length: Thirty Seconds

      If you find yourself hunching throughout the day this pose will help open your chest and improve your posture. It is also excellent for releasing tension from any menstrual discomforts! (Moon cycle discomforts?) It’s great to transition into this movement from Cat and Cow Pose!

      - Lay on your belly with your forehead on the floor.

      - Breathe in, bend your knees, and reach back to your ankles.

      - Breathe out, kicking your feet into your hands so your knees and chest lift off the floor (keep your knees hip-width apart).

      - Breathe in, opening and expanding your chest, setting your gaze to the sky.

      - Continue drawing slow breaths while you remain in this pose.

      - Focus on pressing your belly to the earth and lifting your chest.

      - To release, gently let go of your ankles and lower your legs and arms to the floor.

      While you’re practicing these movements, keep in mind that they are meant to help relax your mind and body. If at any point you feel increased tension or anxiety, take a moment to pause on your breath. If you need to go back to the first movement and recenter yourself at any point during the flow, you can! It’s your body and your exercise after all. 

      If you don’t have your own Star Lanterns to set the mood or a Recycled Falsa Blanket to assist you in some of these positions, be sure to add it to your Mexicali Blues Wishlist before December. As part of our Gratitude Giveaway, we will be gifting thirty-one people one item from their wishlist throughout the month of December. Find more information here!

      Our Products: Recycled Silk Curtain DIY

      Our Products: Recycled Silk Curtain DIY

      It’s no secret that our number one best selling product is the incredible and unique Recycled Silk Saree Curtain! We’ve been selling these gorgeous flowing fabrics for decades with the help of our talented artisan friends who source the fabric and sew them in India. When we started selling them, we weren’t quite sure if they’d catch on, but we took a chance and you’ve proved us wrong! We love how you have embraced the unconventional, boho-chic aesthetic that they bring to any space.

      Take inspiration from some of our customers! Continue reading for a few fun ways you can liven up the curtains you love so much, or bring in new colors and patterns to transform your home–or your camper van.

      Annette H. has used the teal jewel tone curtains to create a romantic and flowing environment for her bedroom. Who says curtains always have to be for windows? We love how she has made this space into a sanctuary for her Buddha statue! 

      Brianne D. has created a calm ambiance by pairing the sheer bright panels with heavier, light blocking curtains. What a great idea! This styling lets you invite the bright sunshine in when you need it but also allows for privacy and movie nights to cozy up on the couch.


      We just can’t get over how Jessica B. has created a gorgeous and colorful canopy for this inviting space. If you have a four poster bed, there’s no question in our minds that you should make it into a bohemian paradise and live like royalty every day!

      This stunning snapshot is from Lori B. She has paired the orange silk curtains over a set of white curtains. We love this look because it brings in a more neutral light and you can adjust how much color shines in by pulling back the vibrant silk curtains! Brava Lori!

      It would be wrong not to share this groovy idea from Nicolette M! She’s lucky to live in a YURT and has used our curtains as decoration for the unusual layout of the ceiling. We love DIY fixes like this–if you’ve worked on a home project share your photos with us! Make sure to enter our monthly Instagram contest, for the chance to win more home decor from your favorite store!

      Stephanie D. has styled her curtains in one of our favorite fashions! See how they overlap just a bit? This gives your space such a romantic feel and we love that they’re gathered in knots to give it a unique shape! You can achieve this look by alternating curtain loops when you hang them–we find it’s easiest if you’re able to lay them out on a flat surface to be sure you’re taking even loops on each side.

      We thought Hope H.’s styling stood out the most! We love the dark, rich colors she chose and the way she has taken several panels and draped them over the curtain rod is intriguing. We’re instantly transported to another time with this curtain styling technique!

      Kimberly W. left an impression on us with her outdoor curtain lounge and we love how when she ties them up you're treated to the STUNNING lake view!

      And while we’re at Kim’s place, if you have the space, why not indulge in the whole spectrum we have available?! Those rainbow vibes are sure to brighten up your day!

      Last but not least, Tere C. has wowed us with their innovative WFH set up! Who knew these silky panels could make an ideal desk cover? When paired with a piece of plexiglass, you don’t even have to worry about coffee spills or adjusting it every two seconds. Everything stays in place so you have a nice clean surface to be productive, plus you can still admire the gorgeous design! Note the matching backdrop behind the bed frame too!

      We hope this has given you a few ideas for your curtains! Be sure to share your own styling with us on social media.



      Halloween night gives rise to the Blue Moon of October this year! Yes, it’s the second full moon of the month and we are lucky enough to have it with us on All Hallows Eve!

      Revolution is in the air with our second Blue Moon due to its proximity to Uranus. It might not mean revolution in the way you’re thinking of it however. Uranus represents unforeseeable change and these uncertainties may cause a sense of anxiety–but honestly, what hasn’t these days?

      During these strange moments, we remind you to embrace the moon cycle and think back to the goals you set at the new moon. The smallest of intentions can make the biggest difference when it comes to your goals and wellbeing. Sometimes it’s better to set smaller intentions because they can be more easily attainable. Try not to be discouraged by sudden changes or unexpected events–especially if it involves your close relationships. Those that are true and strong will always be there on the other side of a difficult time.

      Have understanding when it comes to a conflict of opinion and know that everyone is only acting out of their own experience. It is important for everyone to feel heard, understood and validated. Watch your actions and reactions closely to be sure you’re not taking this right away from anyone, even if their views don’t align with your own.

      All of this is possible this month because Mercury is still in Retrograde. Pay extra close attention to how you interact with those in your inner circle. The presence of a strong relationship with someone should not be taken for granted during this trying time. Show your support without expecting anything in return and if it’s necessary, give some space to those who might need it. 

      If you are still anxious, do some deep breathing exercises and have a good meal. As someone wise once said, “Never try to change the world on an empty stomach.” And remember that we're all in this together!

      Learn more about the moon and its phases here. Track the moon phases with our handmade Lunar Phase Calendar!

      Need a last minute costume idea? We came up with a few ideas!

      Explore more engaging blog posts!