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If you are seeking protection, positivity, wisdom, or strength for yourself, your family, or your life it is a good idea to adorn your space with symbolic elephant totems. Where will you put yours?

Elephant Symbolism: Meaning of the Elephant as an Animal Totem

Traditionally, elephants are considered a symbol of good luck, wisdom, fertility, and protection. Wearing or placing an elephant totem or symbol in your home with its trunk raised is thought to attract good fortune, as it showers its positive energy out of the trunk and into all surrounding beings and spaces... 

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Kai and Natna, Thailand

Meet The Maker: Kai & Natna from Thailand 🇹🇭

Kai & Natna are two lovely buddhist women who made their way to Thailand from Myanmar via the "Friendship Bridge" that connects the two countries in search of opportunity. They ended up in Bangkok, one of the busiest and arguably the craziest city in the world, and it is there that they found their talents in the textile business. They worked hard to get to the place that they are today, and their wonderful senses of style have culminated in their unique sense of design that brings elegance and eccentricity to the fashion industry. 

Carly and Kim, our own dynamic duo, love working, laughing and sharing ideas with Kai and Natna. Most of the time they are together they are all sitting on the floor throwing ideas and samples around to see what sticks. "Kai and Natna are no-nonsense, and will tell us if our designs are bad, then we will giggle it all away and start from scratch." - Kim Erskine

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stack of recycled Mexican blankets

Mexican Blankets & Baja Hoodies: A History 

You have probably seen these colorful Mexican textiles around college campuses, at music festivals, yoga shalas, and drum circles all over the country. From the summer of love to surf and skateboard culture, these patterns have become synonymous with counterculture movements as a free-flying flag of hippie style. Whether you had one in high school, or you still have one in the back of your car to keep you cozy around a campfire, iconic Baja hoodies and falsa blankets are nostalgic symbols of simpler times...

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The History of Block Print & Hand Block Printing in India

The History of Block Print & Hand Block Printing in India

The history of block print is woven through the tapestry of many different cultures, from ancient Egypt to Rome, however, most historians point to China as the origin of this art. The first and oldest evidence of block printing dates back to May 11th of the year 868, when the “Diamond Sutra” was printed in Dunhuang, China. This sixteen foot long scroll is not only an important Buddhist text, but it also happens to be the oldest printed book in human existence. 

Mexicali owners Pete and Kim are lucky enough to have visited the farms, fields, woodshops, workshops, and communities where each of our block print fabrics are made. There, they met the artisans, farmers, designers, and community members who help keep this tradition alive. Whereas many manufacturers have mechanized this process, our Indian block print textiles are made by hand, in fact by MANY HANDS, from start to finish. 

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