4 Essential Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Tips & Tricks ♻️

4 Essential Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Tips & Tricks ♻️

Dec 14, 2023

Over 2.3 million pounds of wrapping paper end up in the landfill each year...

"Deck the halls with balls of paper! 🎶 "

May as well be the refrain cheerfully trumpeted by carolers as they melodically instruct us on the key points of successful Holiday decoration and gift giving. Not to be a Grinch, here–indeed, part of the thrill of receiving holiday gifts is tearing their wrappings with abandon in a treasure hunt that involves only one obstacle! However, it’s this practice that creates a dramatic increase in garbage going to landfills at this time of year.

Fortunately, there are many ways to retain the fun spirit of unravelling gifts, repurpose the holiday spirit, reduce your contribution to the Holiday trash heap, reuse what you can, and recycle everything you can't.

Tip #1: The Power of Paper (Repurpose)

Newspaper is an easy and classic way to wrap presents, but is often seen as the cheapskate’s way out. No longer! Get creative and dye it with food coloring, or paint on it with watercolor or tempera paints. Cutting out pictures from magazines, comics, or old greeting cards and gluing them on to make a personalized collage gift wrap are other ways to make a newspaper-wrapped gift look a little more special. Use environmentally friendly glitter to make it extra festive, or jmake a bow out of some repurposed string or fabric.

You can also reuse brown paper bags or boxes in a similar way. This solid brown wrapping has a nice rustic look that is complimented by a simple, earthy ribbon like cotton or hemp twine. If you make it look good, it will make you feel good to know that you are offsetting the unfortunate environmental implications of gift giving!



Tip #2: Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving (Reduce)

Of course, our very favorite way to give (and receive) gifts is to wrap it in something that is useful and will continue to be used. Instead of wrapping, save time and energy and put your present in one of our recycled silk drawstring gift bags! Made from recycled silk sari material in India, they come in all kinds of beautiful colors and styles, plus they fold up really small and are perfect for throwing in your purse or your pocket when you're on the go. Most importantly, they will help reduce your gift recipients footprint, and will prevent excess trash far beyond the holidays!

If you want to fashion your own gift bags we suggest checking out our Bulk Sari Silk Fabric, keep reading for more inspiration!



Tip #3: Furoshiki - An Ancient Japanese Wrapping Art (Reuse)

You may be asking yourself... "What is Furoshiki?"

If you love wrapping but still want to reduce your holiday footprint, have no fear. There is an ancient practice that originates in Japan called Furoshiki. The practice is the use of a cloth wrapping for transport of goods, aesthetic design, and gift wrapping, and this origami-esque textile art transforms textiles into sustainable wrapping alternatives.  

We suggest using our bulk repurposed silk sari seconds as they are any DIY-doers dream. Made from recycled silk saris from India, they are already repurposed so it is your job to re-re-purpose them give them yet another life. While it might not seem quite like a cat's nine lives, this is just the beginning and these fabrics could be wrapped and re-wrapped, giving them purpose far beyond the nine lives of a feline.

Read more about the story of our silk sari fabric here.

They are also great for other upcycling projects from DIY decor to homemade clothing, homemade bags, curtains, drapes, valances, flags, or bandanas. Each curtain is as unique as each project, and not only do they make great gift wrapping, they double as colorful gifts!



Tip #4: Traditional Gift Wrapping Practices (Recycle)

If more traditional wrappings are more your style, gift bags and tissue paper can be a more environmentally friendly option than wrapping paper. When opening your gifts, do what you can to save your favorite paper so you can reuse and regift it for another occasion. If you receive a lot of paper wrapping, make sure you separate it from your trash and responsibly recycle it. Bows and string can also be recycled and reused for the next time around, you can keep the sprit of the holidays alive and well for many seasons if you do it right!

If someone gives you the gift of Furoshiki, be share to save the fabric and pass on the power of a greener gift giving alternative.

Together, let’s do what we can to reduce our dependence on disposability this holiday season, and say Happy Holidays to not just our friends and family, but to our planet as well! ✌️❤️🌏


How do you upcycle your sari silk fabric? Show us @mexicaliblues ✌️

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