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      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: Aries Seasonal Horoscopes

      ASTROLOGY + ENERGY: Aries Seasonal Horoscopes

      Welcome to Aries season, the most wonderful and hopeful time of year as far as we’re concerned. We kick off this period of good energy on March 21st when the Sun enters into the Aries constellation. We’re happy to report that there won’t be any planets in retrograde during our first weeks of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, which means it’s full steam ahead for all your hopes and dreams! 

      Be the Ram and trail-blaze through any small challenges that present themselves and take advantage of every moment to revel in the power and determination that you’ve found within yourself. This is the time of new beginnings and the perfect time to harness that clean energy which has the power to fill yourself and others with passion and purpose.

      Aries (March 21-April 19)

      Have you been lost in your own head the past few weeks and deep diving into memories? If you have, it’s a good thing because these moments of reflection have given you some time and perspective to process and prepare for the changes to come. With a clear image of the past you are fully able to dive into the next period of growth which is awaiting you. 

      Taurus (April 20-May 20)

      We hope you’ve been able to reconnect with some of the positive relationships in your life over the past few weeks. The reconnection and healing is crucial for the next phase of transformation that is coming your way. If something or someone doesn’t feel quite right, sit with it a minute and explore where that energy is coming from. Is there anything within your power to bring more positivity to the room?

      Gemini (May 21-June 20)

      You’re almost at that point where you have a clear vision of where you’re going, sweet Gemini. The journey is always important, so do your best to stay open to different paths that may present themselves at the last moment. Remember to focus on what brings you joy and to lead with kindness and love. Remember that you’re more than what people see on the surface.

      Cancer (June 21-July 22)

      In Pisces season we spoke about the changes you’re experiencing, and we know it can be difficult to see some of these transformations in the moment. If you take some time to reflect on where you were just a few weeks ago, then we think you’ll appreciate just how far you’ve come.

      Leo (July 23-August 22)

      You’ve gotta keep on truckin’ through the last small hurdles this season. We know it can be a challenge, but this is a fleeting moment and soon you will be ready for any obstacle you encounter in the astrological year ahead. Find the light in quiet contemplation and keep powerful healing crystals by your side since they can support you more than you know.

      Virgo (August-September 22)

      With the new astrological year afoot, you’ve been given the tools you need to succeed in your professional life as well as your personal one. There is some powerful energy at play that will highlight and support the love you are meant to give and receive. Be open to the signs and you will be rewarded beyond belief.

      Libra (September 23-October 22)

      Good job clearing out the negativity from your environment the past few weeks; it has undoubtedly been a challenge for your easy-going soul. Focus that commitment inwards and do a deep cleanse of the internalized expectations you’ve set for yourself. You can now relax and revel in the playful atmosphere and groove with your own cosmic vibrations. 

      Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

      Those real talks with the important people in your life have been healing and beneficial in ways you might not even see yet. We hope you can take a step back to appreciate the love and positivity that has come from it and encourage you to support the ones who need it most.

      Sagittarius (November 22-December21)

      If you haven’t already received a boost of positivity and some wicked good news, then keep focused on the task at hand. It will come when the universe knows you’re ready for it and no sooner. Stay grounded and keep your perspective in check because we know what happens when you get too carried away. 

      Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

      Sometimes it’s easy to advocate for others but don’t forget to do the same for yourself on your journey. You’ve done a lot to get to where you are, so make sure those around you know it–without giving a haughty impression to those with the power and might change their decision. It’s a delicate balance but we know you’re capable of navigating it with grace.

      Aquarius (January 20-February18)

      Let your creativity guide you into a place of healing and transformation in the coming months. It won't hurt to reconnect with the natural world and use those precious moments to ponder the wonders of the universe and imbue the cosmos’ endless possibilities into your own adventure.

      Pisces (February 19-March 20)

      You may feel like you’re at the beginning again, but instead of letting that be a burden to your sense of progress, think of it as the next stepping stone in your journey. Who says there’s one direction you’re meant to go? As long as you’re seeking out experiences that bring you joy, there’s no stopping you from achieving your dreams.

      Find the perfect gift for the astrology enthusiast in your life in our Astrological Gift Guides!

      Our Products: Recycled Silk Curtain DIY

      Our Products: Recycled Silk Curtain DIY

      It’s no secret that our number one best selling product is the incredible and unique Recycled Silk Saree Curtain! We’ve been selling these gorgeous flowing fabrics for decades with the help of our talented artisan friends who source the fabric and sew them in India. When we started selling them, we weren’t quite sure if they’d catch on, but we took a chance and you’ve proved us wrong! We love how you have embraced the unconventional, boho-chic aesthetic that they bring to any space.

      Take inspiration from some of our customers! Continue reading for a few fun ways you can liven up the curtains you love so much, or bring in new colors and patterns to transform your home–or your camper van.

      Annette H. has used the teal jewel tone curtains to create a romantic and flowing environment for her bedroom. Who says curtains always have to be for windows? We love how she has made this space into a sanctuary for her Buddha statue! 

      Brianne D. has created a calm ambiance by pairing the sheer bright panels with heavier, light blocking curtains. What a great idea! This styling lets you invite the bright sunshine in when you need it but also allows for privacy and movie nights to cozy up on the couch.


      We just can’t get over how Jessica B. has created a gorgeous and colorful canopy for this inviting space. If you have a four poster bed, there’s no question in our minds that you should make it into a bohemian paradise and live like royalty every day!

      This stunning snapshot is from Lori B. She has paired the orange silk curtains over a set of white curtains. We love this look because it brings in a more neutral light and you can adjust how much color shines in by pulling back the vibrant silk curtains! Brava Lori!

      It would be wrong not to share this groovy idea from Nicolette M! She’s lucky to live in a YURT and has used our curtains as decoration for the unusual layout of the ceiling. We love DIY fixes like this–if you’ve worked on a home project share your photos with us! Make sure to enter our monthly Instagram contest, for the chance to win more home decor from your favorite store!

      Stephanie D. has styled her curtains in one of our favorite fashions! See how they overlap just a bit? This gives your space such a romantic feel and we love that they’re gathered in knots to give it a unique shape! You can achieve this look by alternating curtain loops when you hang them–we find it’s easiest if you’re able to lay them out on a flat surface to be sure you’re taking even loops on each side.

      We thought Hope H.’s styling stood out the most! We love the dark, rich colors she chose and the way she has taken several panels and draped them over the curtain rod is intriguing. We’re instantly transported to another time with this curtain styling technique!

      Kimberly W. left an impression on us with her outdoor curtain lounge and we love how when she ties them up you're treated to the STUNNING lake view!

      And while we’re at Kim’s place, if you have the space, why not indulge in the whole spectrum we have available?! Those rainbow vibes are sure to brighten up your day!

      Last but not least, Tere C. has wowed us with their innovative WFH set up! Who knew these silky panels could make an ideal desk cover? When paired with a piece of plexiglass, you don’t even have to worry about coffee spills or adjusting it every two seconds. Everything stays in place so you have a nice clean surface to be productive, plus you can still admire the gorgeous design! Note the matching backdrop behind the bed frame too!

      We hope this has given you a few ideas for your curtains! Be sure to share your own styling with us on social media.

      Burning Man Prep: Mexicali Festival Essentials

      Burning Man Prep: Mexicali Festival Essentials

      It’s nearly that inimitably electric time of year, when the Black Rock Desert of Nevada is transformed into the psychedelic space camp of wonder and transformation that that is Burning Man!  Burning Man is rocking from August 28 – September 5, 2016, and we can’t wait to see what wild co-creation magic will be wrought at this year’s crazy […]

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      Reversible block print bags just might be the ultimate everyday tote for the boho chica on-the-go!  These vibrant bags are block printed by hand on sturdy cotton, featuring two pretty patterns and a handy pocket on each side.  The ultra-long and wide strap allows easy and comfortable use as a cross-body bag, or you can knot the […]

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      Cabin Fever:  Brighten up Your Bohemian Home this Winter!

      Cabin Fever: Brighten up Your Bohemian Home this Winter!

      There’s something about these grey winter days that makes us want to clean up, organize, and bring cool new color to our homes! We definitely dig decorating with a wide variety of colors and textures, inspired by (and gathered from) our travels around the globe!  Block print curtains and paper lanterns can change the look […]

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      Bohemian Personality Quiz:  What Does Your Favorite Batik Say About You?

      Bohemian Personality Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Batik Say About You?

      It’s fun quiz time!  What Does Your Favorite Batik Say About You? Choose the swatch from the picture that most appeals to you, and then read on. . . . A.  You are imaginative with a great sense of humor, and always try to look at the bright side of a situation.  Very connected with your […]

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