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Cabin Fever: Brighten up Your Bohemian Home this Winter!

December 05, 2014

Cabin Fever:  Brighten up Your Bohemian Home this Winter!


There’s something about these grey winter days that makes us want to clean up, organize, and bring cool new color to our homes! We definitely dig decorating with a wide variety of colors and textures, inspired by (and gathered from) our travels around the globe!  Block print curtains and paper lanterns can change the look of light, both natural and from a bulb, to create a dreamy mood, while tapestry wall hangings, buddha sculptures, and prayer flags bring a zen vibe that is instantly calming and inspires imagining even more fun travel adventures. Burning high-quality incense (nag champa is our favorite!) adds another level of sensual opulence to a space, making the experience of lounging at home a multi-sensory delight!


One really easy way to update a space is with surprising pops of handmade hardware in places that we often don’t notice, like the place you hang your towels or the knobs of kitchen cupboards.  How often do you open a cabinet, looking forward to what’s within but not really considering the container?  Or throw your coat on a hook or a bench as you head inside the house, thinking about where you’re heading to rather than where you are in that moment?

(We’ve been steadily adding awesome handpainted ceramic hooks & knobs to our online collection; check ’em out and bring some exotic allure to the hidden corners of your favorite place!

Brightening up our hibernating spaces makes everything feel a bit warmer and cheerier, even when it’s crazy cold out! Do you get into a decorating groove in the winter? How do you make your home feel happy and cozy?

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