Mar 17, 2016

Reversible block print bags just might be the ultimate everyday tote for the boho chica on-the-go!  These vibrant bags are block printed by hand on sturdy cotton, featuring two pretty patterns and a handy pocket on each side.  The ultra-long and wide strap allows easy and comfortable use as a cross-body bag, or you can knot the strap to shorten it to make a sweet hippie handbag.

The possible uses of these best-selling bags are vast and varied.  It makes a terrific satchel for toting books and other supplies to work or school, and with two pattern options available on every single bag, it’s easy to coordinate with your outfit or your mood!

Each bag is a generous 14″ deep by 20″ wide, meaning: it can hold a LOT!  These block print bags are one of our #1 indispensable travel companions, as they are small enough to fit under the seat as a carry-on “personal item” during air travel, but they hold a ton of gear! As useful at home as adventuring, they’re also perfect as a weekender bag when you have a few outfits to carry but don’t want to lug around a suitcase or huge tote.

Whether you’re wandering close to home or far out in the world, Mexicali reversible block print bags also make unique and elegant reusable shopping bags.  With the ultra-long strap, you can easily carry several at once cross-body-style for bigger shopping trips, all the while knowing that you are promoting and participating in the eco-friendly practice of using waste-free bagging.

We at Mexicali Blues are off traveling the globe every year, seeking the best and brightest in bohemian clothing, housewares, and accessories to responsibly import and share with our friends and fans.  While every journey is driven by seeking out the coolest new gear for creative free spirits, there are a few special items that we are consistently drawn to, as they do what they do better than anything else we’ve ever seen!

However you rock it, the handprinted reversible block print bag is an essential item in the clever bohemian’s wardrobe, the perfect melding of funky-fabulous style and straightforward utility.  Get yours at Mexicali Blues stores in Maine or, and see why they are one of our very best-selling items year-after-year!

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