Our Products: Recycled Silk Curtain DIY

Our Products: Recycled Silk Curtain DIY

Oct 6, 2021

It’s no secret that our favorite boho home decor addition is the equal parts incredible and unique Recycled Silk Sari Curtain! We’ve been selling these gorgeous flowing fabrics for many moons with the help of our talented artisan friends who source the fabric and sew them out of recycled silk sari fabric in Jaipur, India. When we first found them we were captivated by their upcycled origins, their silky smoothness, their kaleidoscope colors, and the wonderful way that they diffuse light! Above all else we fell in love with their one-of-a-kind loveliness, and each recycled panel is as unique as you are!

That's where YOU our beloved customers come in as you've showed us even more unique ways to style, layer, hang, and display them to get the most out of their beauty. We love how you have embraced the unconventional, boho-chic aesthetic that they bring to any space. Get ready to be inspired 💫

Hillary G. blew us away with this outdoor use of the curtains, and apparently blew the minds of the whole community with her hanging hippie flags, because they love the addition to the neighborhood! The recycled silk looks like a billowing sail on a groovy pirate ship, and we would love to hang out in that hammock and bask in this suburban bohemian dreamscape. Ships ahoy!

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s the neighbor? We love the way they drew in these curtains in to accentuate the negative space of the window panes and to allow for more light to pass through. Also, to let the friendly neighborhood watch dog do his important paw patrol. 🐶

“Mom, look at the beautiful sunrise!” Photo courtesy of our wonderful Freeport employee Chelsea, excited exclamation courtesy of her equally awesome son Finn, and sunrise courtesy of mother nature. We love the overlaying of these curtains on the blinds, it adds a subtle depth and creates a striking contrast of the varying textures and patterns accented by the light passing through the curtains. Thanks for sharing your style with us! ❤️

Lisa R. created this magical boho vintage decor scene in her classic 1971 Shasta Trailer. What a creative use of sheer transparent silk as a wall to separate your sleeping space. Who wouldn’t want to go on a magical mystery tour in this groovy bus? Perfect for cruising to music festivals or marinating in some camp vibes. Thanks for sharing a slice of your van life! Remember, home is where you park it ✌️

Not all homes have wheels, and this one might not be as mobile but it is just as cozy. We love how Darlene C. used the red tones of the curtains to create a warm and silky boho canopy on her four corner bed, and the the addition of a Paper Star Lantern was a nice touch 👏 This is truly a hippie paradise bedroom 💫

Everyone knows that if spaghetti sticks to the ceiling, its good to go. What about curtains? We love this avant garde styling of our recycled silk panel curtains in the Cosmic Fox Trading Co. They used their drop ceilings to tuck the curtains in and let them hang over the room like a silk shroud, or a colorful cloud! I think we need to try this one ☁️


This stunning snapshot is from Lori B. She has paired the orange silk curtains over a set of white curtains. We love this look because it brings in a more neutral light and you can adjust how much color shines in by pulling back the vibrant silk curtains! Brava Lori!

It would be wrong not to share this groovy idea from Nicolette M! She’s lucky to live the yurt life and has used our curtains as decoration for the unusual layout of the ceiling. We love DIY fixes like this–if you’ve worked on a home project share your photos with us!


Kimberly W. rounds out the selection with her outdoor curtain lounge! We love how she ties them up in a loose knot using their own fabric. Simple, elegant, and effective. The colors really create a kaleidoscope rainbow effect and we're sure that boaters on the lake are as impressed as we are!

Are you inspired by all of our creative customers? Whether you are looking to bring in new colors and patterns to transform your home, style your camper van, decorate your dorm room, brighten your office space, beautify your zen den, or to hang around your bed and use them as sails on your journey to dreamland, these curtains are the perfect addition to your boho chic aesthetic.

If you want to learn more about the recycled and upcycled origins of these curtains check out The Story Of Silk Saris ⭐️ and if you want to jump on the bandwagon or just want to add to your curtain collection you can find the Recycled Silk Panel Curtains online, and feel free to share your curtain creativity with us by tagging us with #mymexicali ✌️❤️🌼

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Paper Star Lantern
Paper Star Lantern

Paper Star Lantern


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