Safe Drinking Water For Bokchamsido, Nepal 💧 Update: We Did It!  🎉

Safe Drinking Water For Bokchamsido, Nepal 💧 Update: We Did It! 🎉

Nov 21, 2022

Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far reaching effects. - Dalai Lama

We did it! Thanks to your ongoing support, the 125 homes, two community buildings, and a school in the village of Bokchamsido are now tapped into their new water system! You have helped fundamentally change the health and happiness of 825 individuals, members of the ethnic Kulung Rai, countless crops, livestock, pets, and the whole community of Chheskam. Your actions have resulted in a ripple of change that will spread out across the Kathmandu valley and into the world. That is truly something to be grateful for 🙏


Time to give thanks, or better yet, dhanyavāda in Nepali

Dhanyavāda to Welly for providing us with these amazing water bottles and for their continued support of water projects around the world.

Dhanyavāda to the dZi Foundation for empowering and supporting the people of rural Nepal.

Dhanyavāda to the Kulung Rai of Bokchamsido for sharing their culture, their stories, their smiles, and for their roles in making the project a reality.

Dhanyavāda to the team at dZi and the people of Chheskam who provided us with photos, videos, and project updates throughout the process.

Dhanyavāda to the web team at Mexicali for the inspiration and for sharing this project with the world.

Dhanyavāda to all of the Mexicali team that helped tell the story and support the project through water bottle sales.

Dhanyavāda again to you, our customers for helping make the world a better place.

And, of course, dhanyavāda to mother earth for providing the world with water.




We still have some Welly’s left that will help support the final costs of the project, if you haven’t yet get yours now and give the gift that keeps on giving💧


Original Blog Below...

At Mexicali we love community, we love culture, we love celebration, and we love giving back. The past thirty-four years of business have taught us that you, our ever-growing community, love all of these things just as much as we do. Through our combined efforts, with the help of the dZi foundation, you have already helped educate, inspire, and empower the communities of the Solokhumhu region of northeastern Nepal. Together we have created a ripple that has spread from Maine through the Himalayas.


You helped us raise over $25,000 dollars for much-needed earthquake relief in 2015.

You helped us raise $25,000 to help construct an earthquake-proof school in Sotang.

You helped us raise yet another $25,000 to rebuild an earthquake-proof school in Rok.


The dZi Foundation has been creating ripples in Nepal for over 20 years, far-reaching ripples that have impacted entire communities and directly affected the lives of over 44,000 people. By employing a community-led approach to development, dZi prioritizes people over projects, creating resiliency and long-lasting change on a community level.


Learn more about our friendship with the dZi Foundation and the communities and cultures that they celebrate and support here.

Kim, Pete, & Chauncey with the residents of Chheskam in 2017.

When the dZi Foundation told us of the need for a new drinking water system in Chheskam, we knew that, with your help, we could get it fully funded. This safe drinking water system will directly impact 825 individuals, 125 households, 2 community buildings, 1 school, and countless future generations. The neighborhood of Bokchamsido has pledged $8,229 in labor and materials, and the ongoing project has already employed 64 women and 103 men from the region. The woman pictured above carrying cement to the water project site is one of the excited community members employed by this project, and her entire family will benefit from it.


How are we going to raise the remaining $58,392?

That’s where you come in.


We introduce to you, the Mexicali Traveler Water Bottle.

We will be donating 100% of the sales of the Mexicali Traveler Water Bottle to the dZi Foundation to fund the Bokchamsido drinking water project.


Bhimnara Kulung with her Traveler Water Bottle in Chheskam.

Yeah, you read that right, 100%. This means that every water bottle will directly impact the lives and livelihoods of 825 individuals, a school, and the future of Bokchamsido. Remember, the actions of individuals can have far reaching effects…Everyone deserves access to safe drinking water, get your own bottle, give one as a gift, and make every sip a part a greater ripple.

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