The dZi Foundation: Sewing Seeds of Sustainable Change in Nepal 🤲🏼🏔🌳

The dZi Foundation: Sewing Seeds of Sustainable Change in Nepal 🤲🏼🏔🌳

Apr 22, 2023


What is the dZi Foundation?

The dZi Foundation works with remote mountainous communities in Eastern Nepal that are some of the most rural and under-resourced of the nation, often overlooked by international aid and government support. They work hand-in-hand with community members to sow impactful, long-lasting seeds of change that empower these communities to break the cycle of poverty.

Their developmental approach focuses on intersectional projects that benefit both people and the environment, while helping to preserve the cultural traditions of the region. 


The dZi Model

Seed (Year 1-3)

They start by working with the community to create a shared vision for the future. Over these first three years, partnerships deepen, projects are undertaken and completed, and the seeds of sustainable change start to sprout.

Grow (Year 4-6)

Roots deepen, boughs extend, and the tree of change takes form. Over these next three years, dZi helps the community identify their greatest needs and designs big picture projects to address them. Whether agriculture, education, sanitation, or construction, the community members learn to plan and lead these projects. This growth creates a stronger, healthier, more resilient community, and the tree of change starts to bear fruit.

Empower (Year 7-9)

The last stage is the empowerment stage, where the communities are “more unified, earning more income, and leading safer, more productive, and more connected lives.” After these last three years, dZi leaves the tree in the community's empowered, educated, capable hands. The tree continues to grow and transform the health, education, and livelihoods of not just that community, but also surrounding communities and future generations.

Over the past two decades the trees of the dZi Foundation have directly impacted the lives of over 44,000 individuals, and radically reshaped the future of northeastern Nepal. 


Safe Water for Bokchamsido

 Mexicali Blues x dZi Foundation Drinking Water Project in Nepal

This past year, with your help, we teamed up with dZi to help install a Safe Water System in the rural village of Bokchamsido, Nepal. We donated 100% of the sales of our Welly Traveler Water Bottle, and together raised $58,392 to fund the project. That's right, you raised all of that money through your support.

125 homes, two community buildings, and a school in the village of Bokchamsido are now tapped into their new water system. You helped fundamentally change the health and happiness of 825 individuals, countless crops, livestock, pets, and the whole community of Chheskam as well as countless future generations. Your actions have resulted in a ripple of change that will spread out across the Kathmandu valley and into the world. That is truly something to be grateful for 🙏


Thanks to organizations like dZi there are resilient communities, impactful organizations, environmental preservation projects, and seeds of change that were sown  hand-in-hand to improve quality of life while also preserving the way of life of the region. We are proud to support the dZi Foundation and look forward to what the future holds for the trees of dZi, Mexicali, and the communities of Eastern Nepal.


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