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      Meet Nyoman, the awesome Mexicali Maker who, working with her family, creates the the stunning rainbow of our handpainted batiks! Join Mexicali owners Pete and Kim as she takes us on a tour of her workplace and shows us how one of these gorgeous textile works-of-art is crafted.

      Mexicali co-owner Kim muses, “I remember when we discovered Nyoman, we were on a motor bike headed to a market outside of town and I spied some great hand painted chakra flags and wall hangings. I made Pete turn around!

      Upon entering Nyoman’s shop we were greeted with a huge smile and welcomed as if we had been working with her for years. We started with a small order which was no problem for her because she knew that her quality and attention to detail would keep us coming back with more and more orders. Nyoman’s beautiful smile and personality radiates happiness, kindness, and a feeling of being in the “now”.

      From designing to helping us pick out colors (which can be so difficult when they’re all SO gorgeous!), Nyoman has a way of making you feel that you are the only one that matters, even though you know she has many other buyers she is creating for.

      The hand painting of her fabrics is all done at her family compound (which is how the Balinese live, a communal living with extended family) and is simply amazing to see.

      So happy we turned around that day on the motor bike!”

      >>>>Check out some of Nyoman’s awesome handpainted batik HERE<<<<




      Meet Santosh, who with her family and a small group of talented villagers do the wonderful beadwork of the fashion jewelry we find in India. Through the years, our orders have grown and she is most grateful for the work we have given them!

      Check out some of their awesome artistry with the many new arrivals to our jewelry collection right here.


      Holi with Anil

      Meet Mexicali Makers Anil, Gopal, and Gopal's son Nikhil! One of our longest vendor relationships and most valued friends, we met Anil through a mutual friend on the very first day we were in India TWENTY YEARS AGO! Time really flies when you’re having fun, and it continues to be such a pleasure to work with and spend time with Anil and his family, who have become wonderful friends over the past two decades. Our children grew up playing with his children, and we are all so happy that now our two daughters are working together as part of our respective family businesses! Carly and Diksha working together feels even more special because women working together in this sort of business is not the norm in the male-dominated culture of India. When they first met and played together at Rajasthani themed village Chokhi Dhani many years ago, they had no idea that this beautiful future was where the path would lead them!
      Both our business and Anil and Gopal’s started small and have grown over the years, and we always go to them for many of the uniquely magical textiles that we sell in Mexicali stores. Specializing in the traditional art of block printing, they are keeping an ancient art technique alive! We are proud to work with Anil, Gopal, Nikhil, and Diksha, both for the quality of their artistry and the fact that they also believe that a happy healthy working environment where artisans are paid fairly for their skills is paramount. On top of having such a positive business relationship, it is one that is based in true friendship.  From sharing delicious home-cooked meals to celebrating traditional Indian festivals like Holi, when we get together we get work done while having FUN (and that’s the most important thing)!
      Check out Diksha and Carly's tour of the factory: 



      Meet LaLa! We just started working with LaLa this past year in Pushkar India, but we can already tell he's a person who we will be friends with for a long time! Once we spent some time with him, we were struck by the fact that LaLa is always giving kindness and respect to everyone around him. He thoroughly epitomizes our belief in "working with people who smile"! We first met him when we tagged along with our shipper who had to drop off labels for another customer. We were immediately impressed with his samples, ethical production facility, and his contagious smile and positive personality. Although we had finished our buy and used our budget, we made a small order to check out his quality and the timing of his production. After our initial order we decided to dedicate a serious portion of our buying budget to grow our relationship.

      It's a real adventure working with LaLa in that it's a very different process than working with other vendors from that market. Meeting first in his small factory, overlooking the desert on the outskirts of Pushkar, we chose and developed our own clothing line – deciding on which samples, then the quantities, material, sizing and how many colors or prints for each design. Later on we met again eight hours away in the vast and extremely crowded clothing market outside of Delhi to visit the big fabric wholesalers to choose our materials and prints. This gives us a whole new level of choices that are simply not available in other markets where our goods come from. Lala has great relationships with many of the larger suppliers who also adhere to the "working with people who smile" business philosophy. Working with LaLa makes what could be a long, grueling, and hectic process into a really fun and rewarding adventure with awesome outcomes and results!

      Journey along with Pete, Kim, and Carly as LaLa leads us through fabulous fabric markets that the local artisans frequent, where we found some of the most magical textiles for our awesome new clothing collection. You’ll see many of these creations now at Mexicali stores and, with more coming this week!

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      Meet Daniel, the awesome Mexicali maker who crafts the unique patchwork pieces in our Java patch collection! Daniel is originally from Timor but found his success on the island of Bali making Java patch items. He is a another one of our vendors with a contagious smile! Between he and Pete, the laughter is endless while we pick out and order new styles. We have been doing business with Daniel for over 10 years and feel lucky to have him on our team!

        Check out Daniel's creations