A man and a woman on a psychedelic exploration in the forest wearing matching earth tone mushroom patterned clothing with a spiral carved stone tower in the foreground

Festival Forager Mushroom Clothing

Whether you are looking for a music festival outfit that befits a fractal forest, or an earth inspired ensemble for mushroom foraging, we've got you covered...


Follow along as we forage through fields of fashion in search of the perfect matching mushroom outfit

A handsome man with a mustache crossing a rope bridge in a brown matching mushroom outfit
Putting binoculars away into a mushroom print pouch
Two friends, a man and a woman adventuring through the forest in matching mushroom outfits
A beautiful blonde woman crossing a rope bridge in mushroom print overalls
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What better way to find your friends than foraging through the forest in search of the perfect matching mushroom print outfit 🍄

Which forager friend are you?

Festival Forager Mushroom Clothing

A line of mushroom-inspired clothing for all of the fungi fans and mushroom lovers out there whether they are foraging, fruiting, or floating 🍄

Fairycore meets mushroomcore in this fun and funky collection of mushroom print clothing that complements many styles whether you are looking for a mushroom hat for foraging in the forest, a music festival mushroom core outfit, or a matching mushroom jumpsuit ✨