Aug 14, 2018

Meet LaLa! We started working with LaLa in 2018 when we met in Pushkar, India. In the past few years, we’ve been able to confirm we will be friends with for a long time! Through our relationship, we have been struck by the fact that LaLa is always giving kindness and respect to everyone around him. He thoroughly epitomizes our belief in "working with people who smile!” We first met him when we tagged along with our shipper who was dropping off labels to Lala for another client. We were immediately impressed with his samples, ethical production facility, and his absolutely contagious smile and positive personality. Although we had already spent our budget, we made a small order to appraise the quality and the timing of his production. After our initial order we decided to dedicate a serious portion of our buying budget to grow our relationship over the next few years.

Working with LaLa has been a completely different process from our experience working with our other vendors. We had the opportunity to develop our on Mexicali clothing line and so we ventured to his small factory, overlooking the desert on the outskirts of Pushkar. First we decided on design samples, then the quantities, material, sizing and how many colors or prints for each design.

Our next meeting was held eight hours away in a vast and extremely crowded clothing market outside of Delhi. Here we went to visit the big fabric wholesalers to choose our materials and prints! Having this opportunity gives us a whole new level of choices that are simply not available in other markets where our goods come from. Lala has great relationships with many of the larger suppliers who also adhere to the "working with people who smile" business philosophy.

Working with LaLa makes what could be a long, grueling, and hectic process into a really fun and rewarding adventure with awesome outcomes and results!

Journey along with Pete, Kim, and Carly as LaLa leads us through fabulous fabric markets that the local artisans frequent, where we found some of the most magical textiles for our awesome new clothing collection. You’ll see many of these creations now at Mexicali stores and, with more coming this week!


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