Sep 18, 2018

The days are growing shorter and leaves are starting to swirl down from the trees. Autumn is here! We're packing away our sandals and cozying up to cardigans, leggings, and scarves. Layering is what it's all about at this time of year, but clothing isn't the only thing you can pile on to build a unique bohemian look!

Layering necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry can instantly add exotic vibes to any outfit, but there are a few guidelines to keep in mind to ensure that your accessorizing maximalism leans more towards intentionally eclectic than "everything I could pick up at once."

Choose Different Lengths

When layering necklaces, be sure to to select different lengths so each is displayed naturally.  If they're all the same length, they'll obscure the view of one another and likely also get tangled.  Try to space out the lengths of your pieces as evenly as you can for the most cohesive look.

Consider Your Canvas

While the idea of patterns on patterns on patterns can be appealing in theory, there's only so much your eyes and brain can take in at once! Lots of layered necklaces look best over solid or simply patterned clothing or bare skin (hooray for scoop and v-necks!), so the focal point of your outfit is harmoniously clear.

Mix Textures and Styles but Find One Common Detail

Maybe you mix your metals, but most of your pieces have gemstones or gemstone-esque beads. Perhaps you're mixing thick and thin textures, but you have a color theme in common. Layering jewelry is all about finding the eclectic balance between chaos and cohesion. PRO TIP: Only use one chunky piece at a time.

Layering jewelry allows you to show off your creativity; you're basically creating your own custom statement jewelry. Fashion should be fun, so don't be afraid to experiment, play, and break all the rules if that's what moves you!




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