Nov 6, 2016

In November, people are good to each other.” —Cynthia Rylant, In November

The holiday season is finally here, and were bursting with gratitude, good vibes and great plans to give back!

Isnt it amazing how Novembers colder temperatures and longer, darker nights draw us closer to those we love and fill us with gratitude for all that we have? Giving back is a year-round thing at Mexicali Blues but somehow, it feels even more meaningful at this time of year.

Like our founders, Pete and Kim Erskine, our community giving is generous, deeply rooted in Maine, and travels all around the world all year long. Mexicali Blues donates a full 1% of our proceeds every single year to support the countries we buy from, the communities we live in and the causes we believe in.

So every time you shop the wonderful world goods in our stores, you help us do a world of good! So far this year, our World of Goods has sponsored or donated to:

  • 18 local schools, youth groups and kids clubs all over Maine
  • 9 community arts organizations, like the Childrens Museum of Maine
  • 4 environmental groups, preservation organizations and land trusts
  • 8 community festivals, gatherings and concerts, like the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest
  • 12 organizations working to prevent cancer, Alzheimers, ALS, hunger and more, plus area hospitals like the Barbara Bush Childrens Hospital
  • 15 nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups and charities like Equality Maine

Were so proud of the impact weve had, but we want to do even more. So this holiday season, weve come up with another wonderful way to help our friends in another country, and a wonderful new way to say thank youto our customers right here.

Mexicali Blues is keeping the good vibes going all the way through the holiday season.

Be sure to check back next week to find out how your holiday shopping can give safe, secure housing to our friends in Guatemalaand to hear about how were going to show our gratitude to all our great customers!

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