Mar 11, 2019

Gemstone Meaning & Crystal Magic: Tiger's Eye

A stone of luck and balance

Tiger Eye (sometimes called Tiger's Eye) is said to promote balance, calm, and inner strength. It is a perfect stone for people who are flighty or easily distracted, as it is known to provide a sense of grounding and focus. It is said that Roman soldiers wore an engraved Tiger Eye to protect them in battle, and it is still used as a protective stone. It is also believed to embody courage, integrity, and right use of power.  In Ancient Egypt, Tiger Eye was used for the eyes in deity statues to express Divine Vision. These were believed to be all-seeing and all-knowing eyes, as this stone combines earth energy with the energies of the sun.


Spiritual properties of Tiger's Eye

For modern bearers, Tiger Eye is believed to increase confidence, clarity of intention, and creativity. It helps to bring scattered thoughts into alignment and supports recognizing and utilizing one's talents and abilities. Helpful for anchoring change in the physical body, Tiger Eye is a great support when one is addressing addiction, releasing bad habits, or otherwise working to make positive change.



Tiger Eye crystal magic and gemstone meaning - The stone of courage

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