Dec 12, 2018

Smoke cleansing (often called smudging) is a traditional Native American method of cleansing an energetic space.  You can use smoke cleansing to refresh the energy of your home, dissipating negativity and releasing the ghosts of past events.  There are many reasons why a house could have collected negative energy, and if the negativity persists, a block may form.  If there has been sadness or anger experienced in your home, and you find yourself being frequently and easily pulled back into that feeling, you might be operating under the weight of an energetic block.  Other signs that your space could do with a good energetic clearing are the accumulation of clutter, increase in arguments or bad dreams, and growing frequency of things breaking or not working properly.

For centuries smoke cleansing, the burning of aromatic herbs, has been practiced among Native Americans to purify objects and locations. Sage is traditionally used as a space clearing plant, to remove negative energy indoors and out. It supports healing rituals, sweat lodge ceremonies and festivals. Its fresh herbal fragrance rejuvenates the mind and enhances mental clarity and memory.​ Our smudge bundles are sustainably harvested by Native Americans with great care and respect for the environment.

How to Smoke Cleanse:

  • Light the stick with a match or lighter and allow it to flame for a moment. Then gently blow out the flame and let it smolder and smoke. Move to the area where you suspect the block and hold the stick at about chest level, watching to see if the smoke rises straight up. If it does, move to the next area, but if it doesn’t, you have probably found the block.
  • Move the smoking stick back and forth through this blocked area, “drawing” in the air whatever shapes or symbols your intuition guides you towards–there is no wrong way to do this, as long as your intention is pure and positive!
  •  Check your results by again lowering the wand below where the block was to see if the smoke now does rise straight up. If the smoke still does not rise, continue waving the smudge stick around in that area, focusing your emotional attention on giving whatever is clinging there loving permission to leave.  Once the smoke starts moving straight up, the area is clear!
  •  Smoke cleansing on a regular basis can keep the entire house more energetically balanced, and is also a great way to “clear the air” when you’re feeling the need for a fresh start!

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