Zeal and Zest, Order vs Chaos, Don't Give Up 🍊

Zeal and Zest, Order vs Chaos, Don't Give Up 🍊

Feb 2, 2023

February 5-11, 2023


This is a week of contrasts and illusive distractions. We want to detach, escape, and be free, yet our visions, dreams, and goals need our hard work, determination, and teamwork. We must set our tack and stay focused on our destination without being tempted by seemingly blissful distractions along the way. 


Sunday, February 5th

Full Moon in Leo at 1:27pm EST

We are beckoned to be playful yet mindful of how we plan to improve and enhance the circumstances of our future. Full Moons are culminations, and this one brings abounding zeal and zest to the fruits of our labors. Perhaps what we wish to show the world is something outside the box, strange, different, unique, yet altogether revolutionary in its potential. We must not be afraid to expose the individuality and inventiveness of our exciting new ventures to the rest of the world.


Monday, February 6th

Moon in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius (180° apart)

Today brings us back into the fray of reality, likely exposing any shortsighted missteps or exaggerations we may have taken for granted yesterday. The fiery and exciting Leo Moon continues to enthrall us with an eye to the future, but subtle (or not so subtle) reminders of how much work and effort are still required to achieve our dreams and visions can have the effect of crashing down upon us. Keep up the good work and keep that eye on the future!

Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces (60° apart)

This further grounds any escapist or delusional perceptions we may have warped our minds into. There exudes a sure-footed realism of optimal life management that conflicts with an unfooted surrealism of idealistic bliss. Beware of confusion surrounding all facets of this otherwise typical Monday afternoon. That said, if we can put our honest hard work and diligent logistical planning into our highest and most realistically ideal visions, the potential for their growth and manifestation is prevalent today.


Tuesday. February 7th

Moon in Virgo square Mars in Gemini (90° apart)

This drives home the immense value of logical and methodical right action. It is best to put our noses to the grindstone, stay focused on what needs to be accomplished, and not get caught up in mindless chatter or perfectionism that can never be attained. This day may bring some challenging mental acrobatics, but it also brings a sense of understanding what we need to do to make things work the best they can.

Moon in Virgo opposes Venus in Pisces (180° apart)

This aspect lands us in a pickle between being good kids or bad kids. The Virgo Moon whispers the value of prudence in one ear, while Venus in Pisces allures us with silky chords of indulgence in the other. With Uranus in the mix, we shouldn’t be surprised when we opt for the latter, but balancing the two would unfold the most optimal evening. Some at-home romance, healthy snacks in front of a movie, a fine wine with dinner, or just dreaming dreams with grounded hope are all ways to embrace this transit.


Wednesday, February 8th

Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces (180° apart)

This reverberates yesterday’s Moon-Venus opposition, rekindling the high contrast polarity between Virgo and Pisces: methodical vs. carefree, order vs. chaos. And while we will likely feel the pull between the two today, Moon’s magnetism inevitably influences us to work hard and manage our day to the best of our abilities. Distractions will be waiting around every corner, though, so we need to put our blinders on, our heads down, and stay on point. Transits like this can create confusion and disarray if we aren’t privy to what lurks in the bushes. Now that we know about every bush on the block, we should be able to prevail with the gold!


Thursday, February 9th

Moon into Libra

Our inner managerial elves wake up and remind us to ask for help from those who can help us. Is there a way to delegate the work we need to do today? Can we meet with our team to discuss our progress? Working together to attain our goals seems much more reasonable today than it has all week. Later in the day, the risks and opportunities that have been swirling through our idealistic minds make their way to the dinner table. It is vital that we recognize the value of the influence our loved ones, friends, and work mates have on our lives.


Friday, February 10th

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (same place)

Being mindful of how we can project our traumas onto others unnecessarily may be the best way to avoid whatever pitfalls this union can bring. The key here is certainly being mindful. It is often difficult to notice our own actions while they’re unfolding in real time, so we must be ever vigilant today that whatever we say doesn’t hurt anyone or send them into our own underworld or theirs.

All this shadow work can have its rewards, however. Working hard, speaking clearly with heartfelt good intentions, and honoring the contrasts within us all will certainly unveil triumphant potential. These two coming together may indeed signal a cerebral transformation unlike any we’ve felt before. A burst of reality that shifts us into unforeseen functionality and productivity.


Saturday, February 11th

Mercury into Aquarius squaring Moon into Scorpio (90° apart)

We are at once finding ourselves emotionally overwhelmed and wishing to completely detach from our emotions today. This dilemma will remain throughout the weekend, so it may be best to spend a little time doing both. The awakening consciousness that Mercury in Aquarius brings could very well enlighten us to better understand any emotional confusion lurking deep within. Sometimes stepping back and seeing life from a wider vantage point allows us to detach enough from whatever stagnant situation we find ourselves in, thus illuminating our perception and understanding of what we’re going through.


Despite the challenges of staying focused on our dreams and goals, we can only prevail through it all if we don’t give up. And if we don’t know what our dreams or goals are yet, then that should be the work we’re doing. Any which way you slice it, it is hope that we are hanging on to. Hope for our future, our loved ones, our friends, and our world.

Geoff brings a warm nurturing nature to his clients that helps them feel comfortable and at ease. If you would like more profound insight into how these transits are personally affecting you, you can contact Geoff for a private consultation at geoffgronlund.com.

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