Stay Afloat, Ground Yourself, & Remember, Love Wins. Always. ❤️

Stay Afloat, Ground Yourself, & Remember, Love Wins. Always. ❤️

Nov 24, 2022

November 27 – December 4


Though most of the weekend may have been productive, some pesky whispering emotional tension could be seeping into our day as some Sunday morning Pluto-Moon blues. A day to ask yourself how you can rearrange your struggles to become opportunities. Where will the detours from our roadblocks take us? Though those new roads may be rocky, they’ve never been seen before, so let’s roll our windows down, crank up the music, and enjoy the bumpy scenery and beauty of a path not seen.


As Monday night trickles into Tuesday morning, the detached emotional barriers we have built up over the month could eek out some cries for help. Moon joins Saturn in aloof Aquarius to stir up some issues we may have forgotten about or, more likely, pushed aside. These issues are bound to be related to some subtle or not-so-subtle egomania on the part of someone in our family, perhaps ourselves. 


This family dynamic could likely be exacerbated by the Mercury-Venus opposition to Mars in Gemini, which can bring quite the potential for sibling struggles and communication breakdowns. These could be philosophical/religious disagreements, some lack of fairness, or boundary crossing in general. It would be wise to consider taking a step back in order to consciously remain on the high road of peace through these transits, which really only last a few days.


On the bright side, much can be worked out among family members, in particular siblings, as mentioned above, if everyone keeps their cool and is relatively emotionally stable. As is the case with all transits, if love is present then much can be gained from even the most trying planetary configurations. If it is not, then there can be trouble. So remember, love wins. Always.


Wednesday and Thursday require us to be open to flexibility and experiences that we can’t control, so hop on that river raft and let it drift you down stream, bouncing off the fallen logs and swirling through the white water. Any attempt to make major alterations to a course that seems out of your hands will be futile, especially on Thursday, so be careful not to overindulge in careless shenanigans Thursday night. Though the potential to feel overwhelmed is very strong during these two days, it would be wise to adhere to healthy self-care as opposed to unhealthy escapism. Our physical body and mental body will thank us for it Friday morning.


This overwhelm is brought on by the excessive and expansive presence of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, but especially when Moon passes by them, which is what is happening Wednesday and Thursday. Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter and modernly ruled by Neptune. Both of these planets represent seeking higher consciousness and divine love and truth, but in their sign of Pisces, especially with Moon present, there can just be too much going on beyond our comprehension that we can shut down. So, we would do well to take a bath and absorb the watery Pisces depths alone and in the peace of our own space. Go for a walk in the woods. Climb a tree. Hug a tree. Find some grounding somewhere somehow.


To compound the swirl of conceivable bliss and confusion, Mercury and Venus form a square to Neptune on Thursday and Saturday, respectively. Our conversations and feelings of love and affection will likely experience some form of confusion or misunderstanding. Finding compassion and recognizing these potentials brings a huge advantage to any possibility of losing control in conversations. Take heart that these transits only last a few days. Don’t burn any bridges at this time!


Moon moves into Aries late Thursday night, refreshing our path with a sense of fiery drive and motivation to strike another match to start anew. We must be mindful to give any new drive a second thought or three before we leap, however. Aries often jumps before measuring the drop. But if we keep our wits about us and can muster the confidence from earlier in the week, we will be more than prepared to face the weekend ahead with some verve and excitement. What are you so excited to take on in your life? Once all the swirly dust settles in your glass, what is it that can finally be clearly seen?


To learn how these transits are personally affecting you, contact Geoff for a private consultation at

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