September 5th - September 11th: New Moon Natal Chart 🌚

September 5th - September 11th: New Moon Natal Chart 🌚

Sep 3, 2021

Forces are swirling just beyond the veil of our physical senses that then take shape as they settle out into material elements.

The New Moon in Virgo, bonded with the Sun on Monday, holds out her capable hands and receives the flowing plasmas manifesting around us. Virgo is working her magic.

We are full participants in this creation as we form our thoughts in the "wide vessel of the Universe".

That's Shakespeare's image.

Take apart the word: I Mage. I make magic with my inner imaging. I assist in bringing to life what I inwardly see. 

Collaborator, not controller. We're into Aquarian ways of mutual support.

Check where the New Moon falls in your natal chart (14 degrees 38 minutes Virgo) and you locate where new creation occurs for you this lunar cycle. 

In that area, simplify, eliminate mental clutter and take baby steps for improvement.

For Aries rising, it falls in your 6th house. Matters of service or servitude. What are you choosing to serve?

Taurus rising: 5th house: children and creations 

Gemini rising: 4th house:  home, family, ancestry

Cancer rising: 3rd house: daily activities, siblings

Leo rising: 2nd house: personal abilities, resources

Virgo rising: 1st house: Physical body, essential identity.

Libra rising: 12th house: conclusions, confinements.

Scorpio rising: 11th house: network of friends, fulfillment of wishes.

Sag rising: 10th house: World stage, public image, vocation.

Cap rising: 9th house: Pilgrimages, higher learning, wisdom.

Aquarius rising: 8th house: Blending with others, release of self, death.

Pisces rising:  7th house: Partnerships, relationships, marriage.

On a personal note, the week ends on 9/11. Some of my family was in NYC that day in 2001. I was on a ridge 20 miles west where we had our home and I watched the devastation from a cemetery that had a view of the skyline, 

My son Andrew was in his first week of high school. As war was declared, he organized a candle light vigil in our town for everyone affected by these events.

Everyone. Everywhere. Aquarian Dreams.

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