Geoff Gronlund is a certified Evolutionary Astrologer who has studied astrology for over 30 years. He also served on the board of directors for the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) from 2017 to 2022 as Outreach and Internal Programs Director.

October 9th - October 16th: Full Moon in Aries, Healing, Reflection, Fire 🌕🔥

Oct 6, 2022

The Full Moon in Aries on Sunday evening (4:55pm EDT) wants us to do everything we can to heal our relationships by standing up for our personal needs and not denying the other the space to do the same. There are shadows in all of us, and the work needed to bring light to them is not easy work. Expect wounds from the past to surface, if not outwardly then inwardly. These wounds need to heal, and this reflective Moon can show us the way to do that, we just need to make room for it. Whenever the Full Aries Moon comes around each year, it is a time to reflect upon our individuation and how that affects the relationships we are in. With Venus close to the Sun here, and centaur Chiron (wounds and redemption through those wounds) close to the Moon, this theme of healing is very strong. Create time and space for healing the best you can.



As Mercury glides into Libra Monday night, we are recognizing the realities triggered by the Full Moon are indeed real and are indeed in need of balancing and harmonizing, Libra’s forte. With Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Libra, the astrological tides are teaching us to honor all sides of life, despite the inevitable pain and suffering we witness around us. And though Libra can be a sign representing the willingness to do what others want just to keep the peace, this can backfire when we become resentful that our desires were not sufficiently spoken or honored. Then we get angry at ourselves and others for things not going our way. It can be the ultimate passive-aggressive archetype. To avoid this, be aware of the subtle nuances in which you communicate and express your feelings and desires to those you love and respect. If they don’t respect your desires, you will need to stand up for yourself, and this is the sole lesson here. Though tempted to yield to others, standing up for yourself will prove most valuable at this time, and will help avoid passive-aggressive behavior.


Early Wednesday morning, Mars squares Neptune, which can be a conflicting mix of influences. Mars wants to separate and individuate, while Neptune wants to unite and all be one. So, when Mars and Neptune are in a challenging aspect, such as a square, there is a push-pull within us and around us. And with the Libra-Aries Full Moon influence from Sunday still present, and the additional influence of the inner planets in Libra heavily upon us, polarities are really noticeable right now. To intensify this even more, Moon is conjunct Uranus Wednesday, too. This can bring a poignant desire to spontaneously do the unexpected, or we may witness such actions from others or the world around us in general. Do not be surprised by rash actions taken by yourself or others to be combative or manipulatively conflicting.



Despite the challenges of the polarities mentioned above, be sure to notice any chance opportunities in the silver linings, which are always present. Mercury opposes Jupiter on Wednesday, which can herald such benevolence. Remember, how we handle ourselves through challenging situations speaks volumes as to how things will play out. There is always potential for positive growth and abundance, we just need to navigate the high seas with grace, optimism, poise, and confidence.



Friday night, Moon is approaching Mars in Gemini, so we will need to drive carefully and stay calm, avoiding the heightened potential for explosive reactionary behavior. This can also really stimulate engaging conversations and exciting encounters, so go socialize and have a great time! If you are introverted, you may still feel like socializing, so at least call a friend and gab away into the night! 

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