May 22nd - May 28th: Mercury in Retrograde😱

May 22nd - May 28th: Mercury in Retrograde😱

May 19, 2022

Let's talk about Mercury...Mercury in retrograde, everyone's favorite nemesis. Today it moves from Gemini back into the safety of Taurus–air to Earth. It's time to shift from fast thinking to slow. You may feel that something needs to happen right away, but it really doesn't. It can wait until after June 2nd when Mercury goes direct again.

Mercury will remain in Taurus though till June 14th. Thought processes benefit now from simplicity and focusing on that which is true and stable, grounded and earthy.

It's an excellent time to contemplate Gaia in all her glory as she's always turning toward the light. Whether you're planting in the Northern hemisphere or harvesting in the Southern, take a moment to smell the soil. Taurus rules the senses. Touch the planet.

Mars is online with Pluto today as well, so memories may rise up from the deepest recesses to be cleared and released into the light for recycling. Let 'em go.

On Monday, the Sun and Jupiter conjoin to bring an opportunity which requires some effort to actualize. Stretch yourself. Go for the gold!

Tuesday, Venus in Aries is online with Saturn in Aquarius through a sextile. That's 60 degrees or one sixth of a circle. They are in discussion about what Venus Aphrodite desires. And she wants it now.

Saturn says, not yet. Get in line.

She doesn't do lines when she's in Aries.

Saturn tells her the time's not right so she says okay, but then I want something even better. No doubt she'll get it.

Mars ingresses into its home sign of Aries on Wednesday. For those with a strong Aries signature, especially if it's on the ascendant, there may be a strong impulse to show the world what you can do. Keep slow and steady in your back pocket but do your thing. You're on display today.

Thursday and Friday may be slightly disruptive, but on Saturday, Venus moves into Taurus, it's home sign. With both Venus and Mars now in their own domiciles, we can experience a harmonious relationship with our own yin and yang, feminine and masculine parts.

Watch their cosmic dance in your heart space flood you with enthusiasm. Good times for all!

Where will you join the game?


Our astrologer, Laura Kenworthy, has been studying the patterns of the cosmic matrix for more than forty years.. The language of astrology came naturally for her but she was also fortunate enough to have had several masterful mentors including Rick Tarnas, author of Cosmos and Psyche, Kelly Lee Phipps, Liz Greene, and most recently Adam Ellenbaas.  If you would like to have a personal reading, she can be reached at Learn to dance with the stars!

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