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Mexicali Blues “Smile High Club” Rewards Program

Terms & Conditions

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The Smile High Club (“the Program”) is a rewards program offered by Mexicali Blues LLC (“the Company”, “us”, “we”, “our”) to reward our customers for purchases made at Mexicali Blues retail locations and its online sales channel (“Website”). These terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”) form the agreement (the “Agreement”) between you (“Member” or “You”) and Company with respect to the Smile High Club Program. When accessing the Program or the Website, you are also subject to the applicable Website terms of use, including the Mexicali Blues’ Website Privacy Policy.


Members’ Acceptance of Terms

By participating in the Program, Member (yes thats you!) agrees to the terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the Program, including, without limitation, these Terms and Conditions and the provisions below dealing with mandatory arbitration of all disputes on an individual (i.e., non-class action) basis. Each Smile High Club Member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable about the Program Terms and Conditions. Mexicali Blues reserves the right to disqualify Members who violate any of the Smile High Club Terms and Conditions.


Mexicali Blues’ Right to Alter/Cancel/Change Program or Terms

Mexicali Blues may, at its discretion, alter, limit, or modify the Program structure or any other feature of the Program including but not limited to the tiers, Points or “Miles” (defined below) or other benefits under the Program; how Rewards (defined below), or other benefits are earned, calculated or redeemed; or the expiration date of Miles or Rewards. Mexicali Blues reserves the right to change or modify these Terms and Conditions or terminate the Program at any time, without prior notice. Company will post any additional Program details and updates to “Terms and Conditions” here and then update using the “Last Updated” date above. If you would like to stay on top of current changes, refer to this document. Mexicali Blues may also contact you via your account about any such changes. Your continued participation in the Program will confirm your acceptance of such changes.

Program participants may stop participating by opting out from the program at any time by sending an opt-out request to:



The Mexicali Blues Smile High Club is open to Customers of at least 16 years of age with an active Company account. The program is free to join as a Member (no initial purchase is required to do so). Membership is limited to individuals only and is limited to one account per individual. Membership will not be available to Mexicali Blues employees.  Membership will not be available to businesses, charities,  or anyone other than an individual, unless written approval is received in advance from Company, at its discretion.



Individuals can join the Smile High Club by creating an account at Members must provide complete and accurate enrollment information, and Mexicali Blues reserves the right to refuse membership to any customer who does not follow the enrollment procedures. Mexicali Blues may occasionally offer sign-up incentives and enrollment promotions. We ask that Members advise Company of any changes to their personal account contact information such as name, address, telephone number(s) and/or e-mail address, by visiting and updating their Smile High Club membership account.



Unless Customer has opted out of receiving marketing communications, Mexicali Blues retains the ability to communicate with You about marketing via email and other channels, including about special Member promotions, offers and more. Company may also use these channels to communicate changes in Member tier status, to notify Members when they are eligible for a special benefit or Reward (defined below), to communicate Smile High Club changes and more. Please note that even if you opt out of receiving marketing or promotional communications, Company may continue to send you non-marketing or non-promotional emails, such as those about your account or our ongoing business relations.



Members will receive “Miles” on their Member account through Eligible Purchases (defined below) and through participation in other special programs and promotional offers that may be announced by Mexicali Blues from time to time. Additional terms, requirements, and details for earning Miles are as follows:


Eligible Purchases: Purchases of merchandise (after promotional offers have been applied, before taxes and shipping charges have been applied, and minus returns, refunds or credit adjustments, rounded to the nearest dollar) made online at the Website and shipping to the continental U.S. and U.S. P.O. Boxes (“Eligible Purchases”) or at Mexicali Blues retail locations count toward Member’s Mile accrual and tier status. Eligible Purchases must be made while actively using Member’s Mexicali Blues Smile High Club email address. For an in store purchase to be Eligible for Mile accrual the Customer must provide their email address to a Company employee at the point of sale.

  • Exclusions: Miles will not be awarded on unauthorized or fraudulent purchases. Purchases made with Rewards, and/or free benefits under the Program will not be applied to Member Mile accrual. Miles will not be awarded for the purchase of services (e.g., Route Green Package Protection, etc.) purchased from the website.  Miles will not be awarded if, in Company’s reasonable opinion, the merchandise or services purchased will be used for resale or commercial use and any Miles awarded on such purchases will be forfeited, unless written permission has been previously obtained by the Company. Additional items may be excluded from Miles, tier, and Rewards accumulation at the sole discretion of Company and are subject to change.
  • Email Address: A current, valid email address is required for a Member to be able to participate in and receive Miles in connection with the Smile High Club. Member must notify Mexicali Blues of change of email address by updating Member account information online as described in “Membership Enrollment” above.

Processing of Points: Miles accumulated through eligible Company Purchases will be added to account within five days of the order being placed and payment being received, or within five days of a purchase at a Company retail location

  • Promotional Offers: Other special programs and promotional offers for earning Points may be made by Mexicali Blues. Such offers will also be subject to the terms and conditions specified in the promotional offer.
  • Mile Balance: Members may view their Mile balance at any time by visiting their Member account page 



Merchandise returns must be made in accordance with Company’s return policy available at Upon the return of an item accepted by Company, the spend amount and Miles applied to Member account for the original purchase will be deducted from that Member’s account as the Miles are forfeited with the returned merchandise. For purchases made by redeeming Rewards, if the merchandise is returned, the Rewards will be forfeited.



Following initial tier status, Smile High Club tier is based solely on Member’s total amount spent on Eligible Purchases (see above) (which exclude gift cards/Rewards). Tier status is determined on a rolling basis and is always based on the amount of eligible purchases in the previous 12 months. Annual tier assignments are activated after first verified eligible purchase and are renewed 12 months after first tier status activation. Members will be upgraded during the benefit year if their qualifying spend exceeds their tier threshold. Members should allow up to 30 for eligible purchases to process before Member is placed into a different rewards tier. 



In addition to any other requirement and/or limitation that may be communicated to Members at the time a benefit is offered, the following will apply (provided the current advertised tier requirements are met). Additionally rewards cannot be combined with other rewards or promotional offers.

  • Birthday Offer
    Members must have a valid birthday on file with Member’s registered Mexicali Blues customer account at least thirty days before the birthday date as well as being opted in to receive marketing communications in order to be eligible for the birthday offer. Additional terms and conditions may apply.
  • Discounted Shipping
    Discounted shipping rates valid at on orders shipping to the continental U.S. and U.S. P.O. Boxes only. You must be signed in to your Mexicali Blues Smile High Club account at the time of purchase. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash. Shipping Discount is dependent upon tier status, or promotion, and will be automatically applied at checkout. See for full shipping details. Terms of offer are subject to change.
  • Early Access
    This grants Mexicali Member’s with active Smile High Club accounts early access to product releases, promotions, as well as other exclusive offers or rewards. If Members opt out of Company marketing, they will not be notified of new releases and exclusive offers via email.  Additional terms and conditions may apply.
  • Free Returns Offer
    Return requests must be made in accordance with our return policy that is facilitated through the third party return platform Returnly. Free Returns Offer is only available to online purchases from and only to members who have achieved qualifying tier status.
  • Earn Points for Reviews Reviews can only be made on verified online purchases to be granted points. Subsequent points can be granted for submitting review photos or videos on verified online purchase reviews. In-store purchases do not qualify as verified online purchases.
  • Monthly Rewards
    Monthly rewards are available to active Mexicali Blues Smile High Club members. Monthly rewards may include but are not limited to: free gifts with purchase, flash sales, free shipping, multiplied Mile rewards, amongst other possible rewards or promotions.  If Members opt out of Company marketing, they will not be notified of exclusive offers via email. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Terms of offer are subject to change.
  • Surprise Rewards
    Surprise rewards are only available to “Daytripper” (“Second Tier”), and “Globetrotter” (“Third Tier”) Smile High Club members. Surprise rewards may include but are not limited to: free gifts with purchase, flash sales, free shipping, double Mile rewards, amongst other possible rewards or promotions. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Terms of offer are subject to change.

    Miles will accumulate toward rewards, the means by which will be described in these Terms and Conditions and/or related promotional offers. Earned miles are converted into promotional redemption rewards (“Rewards”) as follows: 

    Member may use their Rewards when purchasing items and/or services either (1) at a Mexicali Blues store by presenting the Company associate your Member account email address and an active reward or (2) online at by entering the Rewards certificate ID at checkout. When Member uses their Rewards, the value of the Rewards will be deducted from the total price of the Member’s purchase at the Mexicali Blues store or No change is given or balance retained on purchases made with Rewards even if the cart value is lower than the Rewards value. 


    Points and Rewards will expire as set forth below.

    Miles and subsequent Rewards are solely promotional and will not be paid out in cash or store credit. As mentioned, Mexicali Blues may, at any time and without notice, change the Miles earning and redemption process and offerings, including the conversion rate between Miles and Rewards.

    Rewards may only be redeemed once. In the event of a return of merchandise, or the void of an order purchased using a Reward, the Rewards will be forfeited.

    Rewards may never be applied to the purchase of gift cards. 

    To the extent allowed by applicable law, we may cancel any accumulated Points if we become insolvent, unable to pay our debts when due, file an action under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code or have such an action filed against us.



    Rewards will expire thirty days after issuance.



    Mexicali Blues reserves the right to revoke the membership of any Member in the Smile High Club and/or revoke any or all benefits the Member may be entitled to, if in the sole opinion of Company, a Member abuses any of the Program privileges, fraudulently uses the Program, fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions or otherwise earns benefits through deception, forgery and/or fraud. In the event that Company cancels your membership or terminates the Program for any reason, all Miles, Rewards or other benefits earned on your Member account will be forfeited.



    Your participation in the Program is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time by contacting us at In the event that you opt-out of the Program, your member account will be terminated and you will no longer be able to access your Miles, rewards or any other benefits earned on your account.



    Neither Smile High Club benefits nor Member accounts may be merged, transferred, purchased, sold, assigned, or traded, including, without limitation, by death or as part of a domestic relations matter. Doing so will void the Member account. Program Miles, Rewards and/or benefits have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash.



    Member is responsible for any applicable federal, state or local income, sales, use, or other taxes which may result from Member's participation in the Smile High Club.



    These Terms and Conditions, the relationship between you and the Company, and Company’s Mexicali Blues Smile High Club, shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Maine, without giving effect to any conflict of law provisions.



    All Program text, graphics, logos, titles, phrases, images and product names and the copyrights, trademarks, and/or other intellectual property in such materials (collectively, “Company Intellectual Property”) are owned by Company and may not be reproduced or recreated without the Company's permission.

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