Maya Handmade Leather Dog Collar


Maya Handmade Leather Belt


Ventana Handmade Leather Dog Collar


Ventana Handmade Leather Belt


Tierra Handmade Leather Dog Collar


Tierra Handmade Leather Belt


Recycled Mexican Falsa Blanket


Provincial Block Print Queen Tapestry


Summer Sunflower Provincial Block Print Tapestry


Prakrtika Wool Gloves


Gifts for a Dog Lover

What says "special gift for a special dog" better than glow in the dark dog frisbee or a matching leather belt and collar combo? The dog days have just begun, so make sure you get the best gift for dog dads or dog moms this holiday season. Our block print tapestries make great couch or carseat covers, and our falsa blankets are perfect dog beds on the go. Woof!
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