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Jun 17, 2021

Words are some of the most powerful tools that we possess as human beings as they are the building blocks of expression as well as the lens through which we view and understand the human experience. “Fernweh” is the perfect word that sums up the frustrated feelings & itchy feet of this past year. An ancient German word that finds its roots in “fern,” or distance, and “weh,” meaning pain or sickness. This term cannot be translated into the English language, but its meaning can and has been experienced by many of us the world over in the past twelve months. A painful longing for distant horizons, an ache for adventuring into the unknown, a pining for exploration, an all-encompassing burning desire for another poetic german word–for WANDERLUST.

Join a group of Mexicali ambassadors as they reunite after a year apart and celebrate the beauty of togetherness. Alexandra from Jordan, Crystal from Bristol, Gabrielle from England, Emma from the deep northern frontier of Maine, and Sophie from Damariscotta, all hail from different corners of the globe, and have lived, taught, and volunteered all over the world from Alaska to Botswana, Mexico to Nepal. Where should they go next? What should they do? The world is their oyster and the only thing that they do know is what they are going to wear. Check out our new wanderlust collection bursting with beautiful bohemian brightness made with love in incredible India and amazing Thailand. Clothes conceived through travel and designed with travel in mind. The perfect pairing for an intrepid spirit with travel on the brain, and fernweh in the soul. Celebrate wanderlust with a wardrobe that can float and fly across the world just like you can. Where will you go next? 

Follow our adventures and share yours with us @mexicaliblues ⭐️

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