Trend Alert: Friendship Bracelets

Trend Alert: Friendship Bracelets

Jul 19, 2011

Our colorful Mexicali friendship bracelets are just $1!

Whether this trend is driven by nostalgia for the carefree days of Summer camp, or simply love for colorful accessories that are a little bit rustic, friendship bracelets are all over the fashion world right now! Combined and layered on top of one another, they can make a colorful cuff of woven whimsy that adds an awesome edge to your casual bohemian style. Paired with bangle bracelets or a sophisticated gemstone bracelet, these fun fashion accessoriesare striking in their exotic chevron patterns, creating a look that is at once elegantly worldly and funky!


Check out the wide selection of handmade friendship bracelets at Mexicali Blues, and add a bit of Summer color to all your favorite hippie outfits!

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