Introducing The Magical Mexicali Community Garden

Introducing The Magical Mexicali Community Garden

May 19, 2020


Under the light of April’s super moon was an auspicious setting for the groundbreaking of the Mexicali Blues Community Garden. The dream was hatched up a number of moonrises ago in the Mexicali warehouse, initially inspired by the green thumbs of our talented staff who proudly care for and display an exotic assortment of flora throughout the offices and workspaces.

The plants of Mexicali Blues lead luxurious lives presided over by figures of Buddha and Ganesha, serenaded by great tunes and alimented by love, light, and fresh river air. With the health and happiness of this groovy greenery in mind, a seed was sown. We thought, why not create a collective celebration of community and cultivation and share seeds, stories and inspiration in the sunshine with our Mexicali staff? It could become a space where we could eat lunch together, play frisbee, plant seeds and sing songs. This seed was germinated amongst the vibrant products and colorful characters of Mexicali, and in due time it was to be planted in the earth. 

Left: Chauncey glowing in the light of the full moon. Center: The happy office plants of Mexicali Blues. Right: Our view of the first Supermoon of the season from our roof, decked out with panels from Revision Solar!

The first step was to find the perfect location for a garden, and what better choice than on the Mexicali grounds looking out over the beautiful Damariscotta River? Keith, our web wizard, was gracious enough to offer up his adjacent yard as a site and, albeit in the chilliness of early Maine spring, the idea, the seed, started to sprout. Keith also happens to come from a long line of horse handlers, and donated mature local fertilizer from his family farm.  A few days later we found ourselves in the garden unloading a truckload of organic gold, removing square foot plots of sod, and establishing the framework for what was to come. We couldn’t think of a better time to start a labor of love than under the light of a rising super moon, especially when Venus was squared up with Mars.

Our sweet little seedlings getting ready to be planted in the community garden!

Two days later Maine offered us one of its famous surprises in the form of and April snow shower and the newly turned garden was obscured by seemingly never ending white sheets for the following few days. This was an opportune time to sow seeds in the comfort of our own homes and get some seedlings ready to transplant into the Mexicali garden come May. We’re excited to see what additions are brought to the proverbial table and hope for a cornucopia come harvest time!

What do you think we should plant in the Mexicali garden? Leave any tips for community gardening on our facebook page!

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