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Meet the Maker: Dallas From Neptune 🪐

Meet the Maker: Dallas From Neptune 🪐

The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a painter. Later, it was a writer. I try to keep art in my life, and channel that appreciation for beauty and self expression. It gives me the courage I had as a kid, when anything was possible, my dreams were big, and I wanted to be Picasso. “

The art of tie dye is a recent addition to Dallas’ life, and it wasn’t always sunshine daydreams. Dallas willingly admits that her first forays into tie dying as a child were underwhelming, and her first shirt was “sort of a faint blue nothing,” but good designs come to those that wait...

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Meet the Maker: Wildslice from Maine 🌲

Meet the Maker: Wildslice from Maine 🌲

Nicole has been sharing her artistic slices of the wild with the world for many moons and finds inspiration in everything from the smallest jaunt through the woods to summiting the highest mountain peak in the range, from a mushroom growing on the trail to an ever changing wave on the ocean. We are over the moon to have teamed up with her and to be able to help showcase her artistry to the world! From her graphic tees to her stickers, her artwork now takes the form of slices of wild that you can wear on an adventure or stick onto your gear. Who knows what kind of awesomeness future collaborations might bring?

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Patricia is one of the original vendors we met on our first buying trip to Mexico as a family!

We met over 20 years ago while wandering through the very crowded and narrow walkways of the local markets, we were drawn to her large selection of silver plated alpaca earrings and the happy banter between employees. To this day there are still some of the original staff from when we made our first buy working with her, which says a lot about their happiness at their workplace!

Patricia makes our fashion alpaca jewelry, which is a mixed metal coated with silver.  Although it is not sterling silver throughout, it is a less expensive alternative that has the look of silver and can be cleaned with a silver cloth. We also get our ever-popular bobble head funny animals from her, which are made from locally sourced nuts. When we started purchasing these there were only two options, turtles and armadillos. Today there are well over fifty different animals in the funny bobble animal menagerie, ranging from to rabbits to moose!



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