Supporting Local + Seasonal Food for a Happy Healthy Lifestyle

May 4, 2020

Supporting local farms supports more than the farms themselves. It supports the local economy so business can flourish within the community, rather than go to big box stores who ship food all across the country in mega trucks. By using your local resources, you’re reducing impact of big agriculture’s carbon footprint, while supporting the chance to generate local job opportunities. When our neighbors have hearty and fulfilling work close to home it benefits the entire community and brings us all a little closer together.


Our favorite perk of knowing our Maine farmers is being able to get the inside scoop and you can experience that too! Taking the opportunity to ask questions about what you buy is comforting because you are given the chance to learn more about what nourishes your family. Your farmer can clue you in to know what crops are healthiest, how to best to prepare them and and even provide recipe ideas! Living where the food you feed your family is grown makes eating local all that much more satisfying. Not to mention it supports our farm lands and preservation of open spaces within your community. Having healthy land is the number one fighter against climate change. When you work the land the way agriculture was intended, you see the benefits of sustainable agriculture in real time.


Fresh, local food is healthier for you too because fresh produce has more nutrients and tastes better, making it that much more fulfilling. What’s even more endearing about supporting local farms is they plant their crops based on what the community is expected to want. In an interview with the Portland Press Herald, Laughing Stock Farm in Freeport said they were debating whether to  grow “comfort food crops” or more exciting varieties for their patrons just as the social distancing and food safety concerns started to come into effect.


So how can you easily support your local agriculture?

Here are some helpful resources for you.


Take advantage of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) buy in. You can typically buy in at the beginning of a season and the farm will provide you with fresh produce throughout the season.  Here’s a list of farms nationwide that offer CSA programs. Do this quickly, as CSAs tend to sell out quickly.

Contact your local small town grocery store for curbside pickup. We’re pretty lucky here in Maine because we have plenty of natural food stores who are making our health their priority. They're offering curbside pick-up or delivery so you can stay home and stay safe! Here are some stores that are close to our Maine Mexicali locations: 

For folks in Lincoln County, Maine, The Lincoln County Food Initiative is making a great effort to bring food to those who need it. Check out their site and if you're in the area, learn how you can volunteer your time.


If your local farmer's market is open then go! Check out the Maine Federation of Farmer's Markets for details on how to find an open market close to you.  While you’re there, let your farmers know you’re grateful for the work they do to feed your community.

We feel so lucky to live in the Midcoast Maine community because it has a strong support system that we take pride in being a part of. Mainers stick together when things get tough and with the new normal coming into sharper focus, supporting each other is as important as always. We’d like to help connect our nationwide Mexicali community with beneficial resources for finding local and sustainable food in your area.

We hope this was a helpful and informative experience for you and please check back soon for news on the Mexicali Community Garden!


Photos are from our previous travels to Indian vegetable markets in New Delhi. 

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