Pink Moon 2013 & the Lunar Phases

Pink Moon 2013 & the Lunar Phases

Apr 25, 2013


This post is in honor of tonight’s Pink moon! A pink moon does not actually mean that the moon will be pink, but is named for a pink grass called wild phlox.  The pink moon occurs every April, and usually brings with it the arrival of Spring flowers!  Other names for this April full moon indicate more signs of full spring, such as Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, and Fish Moon (common among coastal tribes).  This pink moon is particularly special because it will occur with a simultaneous lunar eclipse!  While it unfortunately won’t be visible to those of us in North America, our friends in some areas of Asia and Europe should get an awesome sight in the evening!

According to astrology, today’s full pink moon is in Scorpio, which will partially eclipse the Taurus sun. This duo signifies tension between all that is yours and all that belongs to others. Be gentle with yourself and all things today, and let go of rigid expectations and things that no longer serve you. If you release, go with the flow, and don’t participate in the tug-of-war, you’ll find peace today that has the potential to help you be objective, grounded, and calm in the face of whatever the next 30 days brings!

We love our Lunar Phase Calendars for brightening up any space and keeping track of the moon! Did you know that the moon affects the tides and also the motion & orbit of the earth? The moon doesn’t orbit around the center of the earth either, they both revolve around the center of their masses. The way we view the moon depends on the angle in which the light from the sun hits the moon, not because of the earth blocking the sun’s rays!

There are many mythologies, superstitions, and religious beliefs surrounding the moon and its phases. There are eight distinct lunar phases. Our 2013 Lunar Calendar shows the phase of the moon for each day in an easy to interpret visual style. Below are the eight phases along with some feelings people tend to have during that time, as well as the seasonal changes the phases relate to.

 New Moon: new beginnings, fresh start, self-centered, question the status quo – Winter Solstice

 Crescent Moon: intention, wishes, new ideas, impulses

First Quarter Moon: challenges, decisions, action, exert all effort to achieve goals – Spring Equinox

 Gibbous Moon: adjust, redefine, analyze, edit, crave perfection

 Full Moon: completed, aware of your effect on others, objective – Summer Solstice

 Disseminating Moon: gratitude, sharing (especially knowledge), enthusiasm

 Last Quarter Moon: release, forgiveness, “tearing down the old to prepare for the new” – Fall Equinox

 Balsamic Moon: rest & recuperate, feeling alienated, strike out on your own

Many people are unaware that some of the holidays we celebrate are based on the ancient Lunar Calendar. For example, Easter is calculated as the first Sunday after the full moon after the Spring Equinox. The holy month of Ramadan begins at the sighting of a new crescent moon.

We love watching the moon as it changes from night to night, and often feel its energies.  Do you ever notice that animals start acting crazy around the full moon?  Studies show that this happens to people as well, as hospital emergency rooms get a LOT of business when the moon is full.

Keep track of the moon and its phases with a lunar calender, and see how it affects you and the people and critters in your life!  It could be enlightening!

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