One Dress, 30 Days: Blogger Shows How Accessories Can Make an Outfit

Jan 9, 2012

Accessories can have an enormous impact on the simplest of outfits, and blogger Susan Stephenson is proving it this month with her “Dress to Impress” project. Building creative outfits around the same L.L. Bean Signature sweater dress each day throughout the month of January, Stephenson hopes to encourage women to make the most of their wardrobes and build outfits that help them put their best fashion foot forward!

In the above picture, Susan has brought bright bohemian style to the classic sweater dress with a Mexicali Blues recycled silk magic wrap skirt and a bold wooden fashion necklace. Pretty earrings by Leetie Lovendale for the Beadin’ Path and luxurious leather boots from Clarks USA round out this stylish outfit that perfectly blends exotic creativity and sophistication!

The goal of this project is to show women the myriad possibilities of professional, pulled-together outfits that can be created with a bit of creativity and the items already in their closets. Accessories are far more affordable than a completely new wardrobe, and this is a way to show women that they don’t need to feel that they can’t dress their best because they can’t afford it.

Stephenson’s project emphasizes the importance of creating the best possible outward impression, particularly for women currently seeking employment. All items used for this project will ultimately be donated to Dress for Success of Southern Maine, a non-profit organization that provides women in need with suits, accessories, and a big confidence boost to help in their own career development.

We are so pleased to be part of this awesome project, and hope it inspires and empowers women to take control of and pride in the way they present themselves in the professional and personal world! Follow along with Susan’s sartorial exploration here.

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