New Turkish Jewelry: Details in Zamak

New Turkish Jewelry: Details in Zamak

May 12, 2020


We are excited to present a new jewelry collection to our Mexicali community! We’ve seen Turkish Zamak on our travels and have been looking for the right opportunity to bring it to our stores in Maine. The Republic of Turkey has a vast history and therefor a rich background in the arts. As a gateway between Asia and Europe, the most advanced and engaging craft techniques have merged and evolved here, and we couldn't be happier to introduce those designs to you.


What is Zamak?


Glad you asked! It’s a mix alloy made of copper, magnesium, zinc and aluminum that has been dipped into silver. It has higher aluminum level than any other alloy and is part of die-casting manufacturing. Zamak jewelry is a sturdy investment because it’s exceptionally solid and firm, giving it a longer lifespan.


The perk of wearing jewelry made of this material is the hypoallergenic properties it has. You won’t get any skin rash or discoloration from wearing Zamak as it is designed to cater to sensitive skin. If you’re ever skeptical to purchase an item because you’re not sure about your skin’s reaction, then this is the jewelry for you! Wear fabulous designs with the utmost comfort because Zamak makes sure that anyone with allergies to metal compositions do not face any issues. Say goodbye to those oxidized ring stains from less superior products and start flaunting the style you’ve always dreamed of!


These Turkish designs are rich in history and culture and we just love the fine details that die-casting allows! It’s history is steeped in the art of the Ottoman Court which is recorded to date back to 1526. Historically, these pieces are ornate and rich with gemstones and detailed designs. Now that Zamak has been introduced to these characteristics, they will stand the test of time. 


You can shop our new Turkish Jewelry Collection here! 

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