Mexicali Portable Camping Hammock: How to Hang a Hammock

Aug 30, 2012

We always take a hammock with us when we’re traveling around the globe, and they turn wherever we are into an instant oasis!  Our lightweight nylon hammocks are the ultimate place to relax whether you’re camping, hiking, lounging on the beach, or just hanging around the house!  It folds up easily into a small stuff sack attached to the side, which becomes a pocket when the hammock is extended–a great, super convenient place to put your cell phone, keys, and other small necessities!  Metal s-hooks are conveniently attached to the ends of the hammock, so all you need is one of our sturdy nylon rope kits, and you are ready to swing lazily in the breeze just about anywhere in the world!

Setting up these sweet hammocks is easy as can be!  Read on to learn what you need to do to get up and swinging!

You will need:

Step 1:

Wrap one rope around one of the tree trunks, with the two loose ends towards where you intend the hammock to hang.

Step 2

Bring the knotted end through the loop at the other end.

Step 3

Pull tightly so the knot ends up on the outside of the loop.  This will keep the hammock securely attached to the tree!

Step 4

Hook the S-hook on the end of the hammock into the small loop that is now dangling.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side, and you’ve got yourself a hanging hammock!  Now all you need to do is get in it and relax!

Extra Tips:

  • If your trees are too close together, you can attach the ropes higher and create a narrower hammock “chair”.
  • Hang your hammock way up high when you’re camping and use it as a place to store your food far away from bears and other hungry critters!
  • Try hanging your hammock between pillars on your porch or inside your house!

Where have you or would you most like to lay in a hammock?  Share your hammock pictures with us on our Facebook page!

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