Mexicali News: Revamping the Portland Store w/ Hard Work & Awesomeness

May 2, 2013

Some companies pay big money for team building or experiential stuff.  We just take on a 1200 sq foot wood floor with a 48 hour deadline!

Our gorgeous goods were not complimented by the dingy old floor of our Portland store, and we decided it was time to do something about it!  Though the store itself has always emanated good vibes, looking down revealed a worn and scuffed design that no longer fit the evolution of Mexicali from Deadhead tees and Guatemalan baskets to an eclectic array of sophisticated yet funky fashions. . . the time to take action had come!  A small Mexicali crew was formed to take on this daunting yet doable task:  company owners Pete & Kim, CEO Topher, merchandising manager Steve, store manager Meg, and awesome employees Kelly & Jim.  Topher had a bit of experience from laying down new flooring in his home, but for everybody else, this was a completely new experience!

They worked tirelessly for two days, laughing and listening to sweet tunes as they went (which makes every task-load seem a bit lighter!), first stripping the original flooring, and then putting in the new, piece by piece.  At the end of the second day, their valiant efforts were rewarded with a gorgeous floor that makes our original Portland space look like a brand new store: lighter, brighter, and filled with awesome energy!   Surveying their completed project, the Mexicali team felt extraordinarily proud of their hard work and so pleased that the new look more accurately reflects the earthy elegance and eclecticism of Mexicali clothing and accessories.  Be sure to stop by and check out the revamped store, bask in the groovy glow of pretty paper lanterns reflecting off our shiny new floor, and fall in love with our huge selection of brand new clothing and accessories for Spring!

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