Mar 13, 2017


We’re focusing on mindfulness this month at Mexicali, and exploring the practice of meditation in both stillness and motion. Throughout March, we’ll be exploring different mudras (sacred hand positions) to imbue meditative practices with a specific energy. Mudras help to guide the flow of energy (as well as reflex reactions in the brain) in ways that support your meditative manifestation, an outward reflection of inner intention.

“Dharmachakra” in Sanskrit means “wheel of Dharma”, and this mudra represents Buddha’s first sermon given after reaching enlightenment, when he set in motion the Wheel of the teaching of the Dharma.

How to do this mudra: Bring the tips of the thumb and index fingers of both hands together to form a circle. Keep the remaining three fingers stretched. Place the hands at heart level with the left palm facing the heart and right palm facing outward.

The left hand facing the body represents the inner world, while the right represents the physical world.  The circle represents the union of method and wisdom.  The three straight fingers on the left hand represent the “jewels” of Buddhism: Buddha, dharma, and sangha. The three extended fingers on the right hand represent three vehicles of the Buddha’s teaching (‘hearers’ of the teachings, ‘solitary realizers’, and Mahayana or ‘Great Vehicle’).  The hands when doing this mudra are always held in front of the heart, symbolizing that these teachings come straight from Buddha’s heart.

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