Mar 28, 2017
We’re focusing on mindfulness this month at Mexicali, and exploring the practice of meditation in both stillness and motion. Throughout March, we’ll be exploring different mudras (sacred hand positions) to imbue meditative practices with a specific energy. Mudras help to guide the flow of energy (as well as reflex reactions in the brain) in ways that support your meditative manifestation, an outward reflection of inner intention.

The Kubera Mudra is inspired by Kubera, the Hindu demigod of wealth, and can be used for manifesting and drawing what you want to you, be it prosperity or something else. It can be used to increase feelings of empowerment, energize stagnancy, or when starting a new project. This mudra is all about turning dreams into reality by focusing on what you really want. It is key when doing this mudra to envision your wish or goal and keep it in mind.

How to do this mudra: Touch the tip of your thumb, index finger and middle finger together. Bend the other two fingers in toward the middle of your hand, without straining. Do this with both hands.

The index finger represents Jupiter (knowledge & growth), the middle finger represents Saturn (stability & justice) and the thumb represents Mars (force & fire). Bending the other two fingers against the palm is a forceful commitment, behind which you are harnessing desire, power, faith, courage and intensity.

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