Mexicali Magic: Awesomely Affordable Boho Dorm Decor

Aug 17, 2016

Heading back to school is a fresh start, and an empty dorm room is a blank canvas awaiting your creativity. At this moment, all things are possible!  So start your school year off right by setting up your new dwelling as a chill bohemian haven you’ll love coming home to, filled with cool colors and inspiring imagery, exotic textures and the groovy glow of paper lanterns.

A mandala tapestry or tree of life wall hanging looks awesome hung up or as a unique bedspread.

Classic Mexican falsa blankets are perfect for a bit of extra warmth on the bed, or take it outside for an impromptu picnic!

Celebrate the music that moves you with retro rock concert posters featuring bands like Phish, Janis Joplin, and the Grateful Dead.

Save your sleepy feet from cold linoleum in the morning with a recycled rag rug by your bed.  Each handmade 3′ x 6′ rug is completely unique, and will bring eclectic color and world-traveler vibes to your space.

Mexicali has everything you need to accent your room in the grooviest ways, from Traditional Tibetan prayer flags to boho chic curtains crafted from recycled silk. There are a myriad magical Mexicali ways to express your inimitable personal style in your dorm decor, creating an invigorating environment that supports study, fun, and exploring who you are and who you want to be.

Once you’ve got your room rocking an exhilarating new look, you’re sure to want to grab your reversible block print tote–the ultimate book bag–before you head out the door to whatever the day holds!  It’s going to be an amazing adventure of a new schoolyear!

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