Mexicali DIY: Hippie Teepee Fort for Kids or Adults!

Sep 5, 2013


Whether you are five or eighty-five, sometimes you just want to build a fort!  Creating your own little cozy zone is fun, easy, and you get to hang out in it when you’re done!  We love the idea of making a teepee fort for reading and relaxing, or as a cool & colorful playhouse where kids’ imaginations can run wild!  We wanted to build a teepee that reflected our bohemian ways, so we used a traditional India block print tapestry for happy hippie walls!  Making your own teepee is so easy; we’ll show you how!

You will need:


Step 1:

dowelsesTie the dowels together with hemp twine, at least a few inches away from the top ends.  It isn’t necessary to be particularly precise with your tying, though we wove the twine in and out in a bit of a figure-eight pattern, making sure it was wrapped securely around each individual dowel as well as connected to the others.

Step 2:

teepsStand up your teepee framework and pull the “legs” out as wide as you will want it to be.  The twine tied at the top will keep the dowels fixed to one another and make this step surprisingly simple!

Step 3:

shelbyeaWrap your tapestry around the teepee structure, lining it up so the ends of the tapestry are towards where you want the entrance to be.  Our tapestry was a little bit taller than our dowels, so we folded the top of it down to make it the right size.

Step 4:

pinsies Secure the tapestry to the dowels with safety pins.  Just wrap or twist around and pin!  We pinned it both at the top and the bottom of the teepee.pinsStep 5:

youdididStand back & take a moment to bask in the glory of your crafty greatness!

Step 6:

zzzFinish decorating your teepee with colorful scarves and prayer flags.  Fill it with cozy pillows and blankets, and settle into your cool new fort for a secret meeting, or a nap!

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