Mexicali Blues Share the Adventure Giveaway: Crystal Gets Ready to Travel to Thailand!

Feb 28, 2014

9930dfa2464211e3b50722000a1fbd1f_8Crystal McLain, the fabulous winner of our Thailand Trip Giveaway, has been excitedly preparing for her grand adventure!  Learn a bit about her & check out her contest winning video here.  As well as studying her Lonely Planet guidebooks to determine her must-see places and must-do activities, Crystal has been buzzing around like a very busy bee to get prepped for the trip of a lifetime!  Here are some of the ways she is getting ready:

f2f4a8d846de11e3a9720e7aedef815c_8Training for an epic trek through Thailand w/ 20 extra pounds in her big hiking backpack!


Learning the language!  Crystal says, “One of the first things I did was familiarize myself with the SOUND of the Thai language. Even if I end up speaking nothing but English while I’m there, I thought it would be wise and polite to get used to the accent and pronunciation. This [above] was the first video I watched to do just that.  Next, I want to learn a few polite phrases to introduce conversation. A little effort goes a long way when traveling!”

131093_origGetting creative with her language learning!  “I used to make a countdown chain for Christmas when I was a kid. I thought it would be fun to do the same for my trip. So I made a 50 day chain with a Thai phrase or word I got from my Lonely Planet phrase book.”

0db6fba08ea411e3bcd612e10e870195_8Getting organized!  “Sometimes I’m clever.  Made a chart of our accomodations and excursions we’d like to go to with their name, address, phone number, and cost.  It unfolds in my Thai phrasebook and doesn’t fall out.”

2d20f97c8ae011e3adf212add793e3ba_8-1Meeting up with Mexicali Blues owners Kim and Pete for a bit their travel insight, and to plan their meeting in Bangkok!

d0158b52861211e3a91512c3ca72cc49_8Practicing packing light! “BOOM. That’s how you pack for two weeks in Thailand!”

We can’t wait to see and hear more about her journey!  Stay tuned for tales of her global exploration as she shares the adventure with us!

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