May 4, 2017
In January, the Mexicali Tribe focused on renewal. In February, we concentrated on community. We made March a month of mindfulness, and during April dug deep within ourselves—taking time for quiet, critical growth and introspection. Now, we’re ready to show our true colors, and we hope you will join us!
From May Day’s baskets of blooms to the old rhyme “April showers bring May flowers,” May is the month where spring really shows its stuff. In Maine, the forsythia usually flowers first, firing off bright yellow flowers like flames. Daffodils (and dandelions) follow quickly, nodding over purple patches of crocus. Masses of rose and cream blossoms fluff up the limbs of apple, cherry, plum and dogwood trees. By the time tulips and hyacinths burst out, nature is coloring with every crayon in the box.
We should, too! Flowers are one of nature’s most vivid expressions of health and growth. After all, a plant or tree can’t flower without strong roots in good soil that can draw a steady supply of the essential nutrients it needs. Flowers also celebrate the freedom to grow. This brilliant display is an essential step in the life cycle of a plant and sets the stage for pollination and fruit.
After the thoughtful, quiet work we’ve done reinforcing our roots in our community and strengthening our sense of self, we’re ready to bloom. We’ve seen how mindfulness clears the way for creativity and how community can foster joy. The Mexicali Tribe is bursting with boundless energy, new ideas and exciting plans for our stores, the wonderful causes we support through our World of Goods program, and ourselves.
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