Mar 12, 2020

Gemstone Meaning & Crystal Magic: Crystals for Luck

What's the best way to stay lucky? Crystals! Forget that rabbit foot and go for something that has living energy! Here are some crystals and gemstones that can bring you good fortune this year.

Agate is the stone of warriors! It was once used as an embellishment for the armor of ancient civilizations. Whether you're going into battle or just facing the struggles of every day life in the 21st century, agate is the stone to keep by your side.

Aventurine has the allure we love to get lost in. When things are out of your control it's best to have a bit of Aventurine on your side because of it's powerful connection to good luck and wealth. Don't go to Vegas without it.

Rose Quartz is the tried and true supporter of all things to do with the heart. It can help catalyze new love and it can brighten aspects of a dusty relationship. Use it wisely and it can be used to heal or open your heart chakra. 

Amazonite can clear things up. If you're struggling to see the right path to get where you want to be then put some of this energy into your life. It can help you manifest the motivation you need to get those gears turning.

Bloodstone is what you should carry if you find you lose concentration frequently. It helps keep your energy moving forward so you can tackle one obstacle after another. Geminis take note.

Garnet should be worn to every business meeting because of its ability to stimulate positive vibes and good relationships. It will help your business partners want to do more business with you and it could be the reason for your new career success!
Amethyst should be in every creatives pocket It is known as the Artist Stone and it accents the natural power of creativity inside all of us. If you're having trouble visualizing a project or if a client isn't responding to your invoices get some Amethyst in your life ASAP.

Sugilite is the crystal for anyone who needs a fresh start. The future often can seem daunting if you're in this position and this crystal takes the energy you have and expands it. It can help discover new opportunities and give you the confidence to keep moving forward. 
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