Magic Wrap Skirt Styling ✨ Freya Halter Dress

This recycled silk halter dress is made by following 5 easy steps and using one of our Long Sari Silk Wrap Skirts, a sprinkle of hippie style and dash of creative fashion inspiration.

Follow along as Sophie shows you how to transform this elegant silk skirt into a stunning silk dress!

Step 1

Holding onto the straps, stretch the skirt out wide behind your back with the longer layer closest to your body.

Step 2

Bring one strap up and over your opposite shoulder and hold the other strap out to the side.

Step 3

Wrap the strap on the side toward the other side of your body and bring the shoulder strap behind you.

Step 4

Tie the two straps together at your back.

Step 5

Share your magic wrap skirt with the world!

With over a thousand styles, the possibilities are endless...

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