Magic Wrap Skirt Styling ✨ Butterfly Kimono Top

This stunning silk wrap kimono is made by following 5 easy steps and using one of our Long Sari Silk Wrap Skirts, or one of our Tea Length Sari Silk Wrap Skirts a sprinkle of hippie style and dash of bohemian charm.

Follow along as Sophie shows you how to transform this elegant silk skirt into a stunning silk kimono!

Step 1

Hold your magic skirt out on both sides, behind your hips. Bring the right side up over your shoulder, keeping your grasp on the end and pulling your right hand back down towards your waist.

Step 2

Take hold of that end with your left hand. Using your right hand, pull the tie on the other side across your chest and up.

Step 3

Bring the strand in your left hand around your back and back to the front, circling around your waist.

Step 4

Tie the two strands in the front, around your waist.

Step 5

Enjoy your new exotic silk kimono! Don't forget to share with your friends!

With over a thousand styles, the possibilities are endless...

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