“It’s Wonderful To Have Friends Who Are Such Good Travelers!” Yogi Adele Gale Shares her #MexicaliMoment

“It’s Wonderful To Have Friends Who Are Such Good Travelers!” Yogi Adele Gale Shares her #MexicaliMoment

Jul 31, 2016

Everyone has their own #MexicaliMoment—the time they realized what Mexicali was all about, the time when they found their place in the Mexicali Tribe. Gifted yogi Adele Gale, a longtime friend of Pete and Kim Erskine, shares hers below.

When we pitched the Mexicali Blues yurt at our Newcastle store a few weeks ago, one of the standout sessions was the yoga and sound meditation class with Adele Gale of Midcoast Yoga Shala. A gifted yogi with more than 30 years experience, Adele worked as Sheryl Crow’s personal yoga instructor as well as with other artists on the Lilith Fair Tour. Her lifelong study of yoga lets her share such serenity and strength with her students.

“I’ve known Pete and Kim over 15 years,” Adele explains. “A local friend was helping me get oriented after we moved to Maine, and she took me to Mexicali Blues right away. She kept telling me that I needed to get to know Pete and Kim. She knew we’d have a connection. And from our first conversation, I knew she was right.”

Adele’s young children became close to the Erskine’s three kids, and the families had great times together as their children grew. Adele’s yoga practice and expertise were growing, too. “It was great to have Mexicali Blues close by,” she explains. “I’m always wearing Mexicali Blues clothes—tees, loose leggings, skirts—because I’m always lounging or upside down! And everything is so comfortable, easy to move in, and washable—and uses all natural fibers.”

Two years ago Pete and Kim invited Adele and her husband to travel to Nepal to celebrate Pete’s 50th birthday at Annapurna Base Camp in the Himalayas, by the Lake City of Pokhara. “I’d never been to Nepal,” Adele remembers. “Pete met us right at the airport and helped us navigate the craziness of it all. He got us oriented and feeling right at home.”


“It’s awesome to travel with people who take things as they come, who are flexible and open to the experience,” Adele says. “That’s Pete and Kim. They don’t do packaged luxury experiences. They stay close to communities. They stay authentic.”

They also convince you to jump off a cliff … and fly. “We drove to the top of a mountain in Pokhara, strapped ourselves in tandem to a paraglider, and ran full-tilt off of a cliff,” Adele recalls, laughing. “We flew over these breathtaking vistas for an entire hour. It was incredible. And I realized—this is what it’s all about for Pete and Kim. This whole business that they’ve built is about spending time with the people they care about having unique and unforgettable experiences. It’s wonderful to have friends that are such good travelers. And that’s my Mexicali Moment.”

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