In The Pink

In The Pink

Oct 1, 2021

I saw the walks, and the pink ribbons, but that was always about other women.  My family had no history of breast cancer, we didn't carry the BRCA mutation, I had breastfed both of my daughters for what felt like 50 years (but was only 3.5 combined.) I was confident I was at no risk for breast cancer.  So confident, in fact, that when a lump appeared in my breast, I ignored it for months.  All the while it grew, and spread, until finally, last October, a mammogram and biopsy confirmed my greatest fear. 

But I was not, am not, alone.

So many of our customers, makers, and employees have been affected in one way or another by breast cancer that we had to find a way to show support in eradicating this disease.

"Breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide—surpassing lung cancer for the first time in 2020—and the most common cancer diagnosed in American women. It is a leading cause of cancer death in less developed countries and the second leading cause of cancer death in American women."  

Looking around our warehouse, our eyes landed on an ENORMOUS stack of our best selling Recycled Silk Panel Curtain

  • Just how many pink curtains DID we have in stock? (✅ SO MANY!)
  • Were there enough to make a significant statement? (✅ $15,000?!?!)
  • Could we help you create a PINK WAVE  across the country? (✅ 🌸🌸 )

So right then and there, we decided to pledge 50% of October's sales of the PINK color to one of America's best rated breast cancer charities - the Breast Cancer Research Fund. 

And to JUMPSTART the fundraising, we are giving you the best reason to stock up: SAVINGS!  All the colors of the Recycled Silk Panel curtain will be discounted from October 1st- October 10th.  Additional price breaks come when you purchase a quantity of 4 or a quantity of 8, so if you've been looking for a chance to do an entire room, here it is! 

If you're not looking for curtains, but still want to join in giving, you can make a direct donation to through our fundraiser page.

And from me, my daughters, and now my wee little grand-daughter, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Manager, Marketing + eCommerce
Mexicali Blues

PS Thanks to the efforts of an amazing team of doctors and scientists, I am doing great!  Please follow recommendations on self-exams and annual follow ups and take care of yourself!



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