Oct 19, 2016

Getting all decked out for Halloween is one of the most fun ways to celebrate the holiday, where we can really let our imaginations and creativity fly free! Rather than spending a bunch of money on a chintzy pre-packaged costume we’ll never wear again, we’ve come up with some unique costume ideas using groovy gear from Mexicali—most of which we are stoked to rock again, in different outfits!

Belly Dancer

Perhaps the least likely to be repurposed as an everyday outfit, this exotic and authentic Indian bellydance costume is still absolutely stunning, and SO fun to shimmy around in!  If you’re the festival-going type, imagine rocking these pieces next summer paired with your favorite skirts and tops. A pair of bold boho earrings (like the white metal filagree leaf earrings shown here) complete the look. This particular outfit is available exclusively in Mexicali Blues stores, but we have a similar one with a skirt instead of pants available here.

Fortune Teller

gypsy Spend Halloween night whispering cryptic predictions and pretending to read palms (or really do it!) in a funky Fortune Teller costume!  Layers upon layers are key to enhancing your air of mystery, and we love a recycled silk magic skirt with the top layer tied at the hip to create this look.  You could also play with adding other hippie maxi skirts to the mix. Top your skirt with a classic India kurta, and pile on the funky scarves and boho jewelry!

Mod Go-Go Dancer


Revive the vibe of the swinging 60’s with a chic and charming mod go-go girl costume.  Pair a bold mini dress with oversized shades, a retro necklace, and your favorite tall boots.  Give yourself a groovy half-up bouffant ‘do, and be sure to listen to some psychedelic 60’s pop to really get in the spirit!


If you were a kid in the 80’s, you know what’s up!  Inspired by our favorite fraggle, Red, this funky costume is sure to keep you toasty and bring smiles to anyone who ever loved the magical muppet mayhem of Fraggle Rock! This look is easy to create at home, and made up entirely of pieces that you’ll want to rock in your day-to-day life. For this costume, we threw our velour pixie cowl tunic over a pair of jai namaste leggings and a pair of cozy hand-knit mukluks. The funky fluff of this fraggle’s  ears and tail are wool felted dreadlock hair extension elastics, available exclusively in Mexicali Blues stores.  The tail is a pink scarf and wool dreadlock elastic, tied to her wrist with a piece of clear fishing line, so when she dances, so does her tail! The tunic, mukluks, scarves, and felted dreadlocks are available in a ton of colors, so you can easily customize this costume to represent your favorite Fraggle.

However you choose to rock your Halloween, we hope you have a night filled with creativity and fun!  If you creat an awesome costume, tag us on instagram @MexicaliBlues with hashtag #mexicalitribe–we’d love to see it and share your imaginative awesomeness with the world!

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